Florida mother masturbated, used sex toys in front of son while video calling inmate boyfriend, say police

Florida mother masturbated, used sex toys in front of son while video calling inmate boyfriend, say police
Noelle Leigh Rascati (Lake County Sherrif's Office)

LAKE COUNTY, FLORIDA: A woman from Florida has been charged for an indecent video call with her imprisoned boyfriend while her son was in the room. Noelle Leigh Rascati was charged with engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a minor.

According to the jail records, the incident happened in late March when Rascatti engaged in a "virtual visit” with her inmate boyfriend, Tathan Fields. The 26-year-old is in the Santa Rosa County jail. Fields is currently serving a 15-year sentence for burglary and grand theft charges. In addition, he has two cases pending in connection to the indecent act in front of a female instructor while in jail and mailing a hoax weapon of mass destruction.

It has been said that the duo’s March 25 video call “became extremely sexual”. As per the affidavit, the virtual meeting came a day before Fields celebrated his 26th birthday. In the call, the convict was seen wearing an orange jumpsuit as he sat in his jail cell while Rascati wore a pink robe. Police believe she was sitting in her bedroom.

The affidavit also stated that as Rascati readjusted her camera while on call so Fields can get a better visual, her young son appeared into the view “wearing a blue shirt standing directly right against her bed.” The couple initially talked “in a sexual nature to each other” before they began “masturbating while looking at each other”.

The official documents also stated that Rascati, with her robe fully open, was seen bringing a pink sex toy from a closet in the video call. She then used the toy “with her legs spread towards the camera.” 

The affidavit further stated that while “exposing her entire nude body” the woman “continues to pleasure herself with an assortment of sex toys”. And as she did it, her son could be seen standing next to the bed and walking in the background. Rascati’s computer screen “also displayed the view of Mr Fields masturbating, which was easily seen” from the child’s perspective.

According to reports, the March video call between Fields and Rascati was discovered during a law enforcement review of Fields’s jailhouse calls. However, it was not reported what prompted the review. The various law agencies also reviewed a copy of the jail call video sent from the Sheriff's Office, which showed the pair communicating via Telmate. While Fields was listed under his name in the chat, Rascati had used the name 'Gabby Groff', the affidavit stated.

Rascati’s identity was revealed after detectives from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office reviewed the account associated with the name ‘Gabby Groff’. As per reports, the Wildwood Police Department was initially given the case as Rascati was listed as living at an address in the area. 

However, later it was revealed that the woman had shifted to a new place and the Clermont Police department was handed over the case. After being detained from her home by Clermont Police, Rascati was booked at the Lake County Jail on April 22. However, later she was freed from custody after posting $2000 bond and is scheduled for arraignment on May 18.

Reports also claimed that Fields has not been charged in connection with the explicit video chat.


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