Who is Jermell Charlo's wife Chy Westbrook? Boxer found love with Hawaiian beauty

Jermell Charlo and Chy Westbrook are said to be living in together since 2019 and they also have a child, here is all about her

                            Who is Jermell Charlo's wife Chy Westbrook? Boxer found love with Hawaiian beauty
Jermell Charlo with his wife Chy Westbrook (Instagram)

Jermell Charlo is going to face Brian Castano at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, on July 17. Charlo will compete for every belt at 154 lbs against the Argentinian despite both being in excellent form. Whoever wins will join a list of fighters to hold all four division titles. 

Former two-weight world champion, Tim Bradley believes Charlo will emerge victoriously. Speaking to ESPN, Bradley said the Texas star Charlo will overpower the Argentinian in the bouts. “I think Charlo wins this fight in emphatic fashion and I think it is going to be a KO,” said Bradley. “Charlo wins in eight or nine rounds. He's going to catch Castano with something nasty, either an uppercut or a straight right hand. 


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"I think the person that is able to make the proper adjustments is the one that's going to win this fight. I honestly feel both guys have the ability to do so, but I would say that Charlo is a little more technical and cleaner with his combinations. I think he will be able to make better adjustments. He also has the better corner, a proven trainer in Derrick James," he added.

Fans are counting down to the match as two champions aim for one goal which is winning WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO super-welterweight titles. Apart from fans cheering on Charlo, a top favorite among the two boxing greats, there's one more person who will be rooting hard for his win. His girlfriend since 2019, Chy Westbrook will also be seen in the audience rooting for Charlo's win. Here's what you should know about her. 


Who is Chy Westbrook?

In the past, Charlo was reportedly dating Jazmyne Olison, who was later identified as his live-in girlfriend who he was accused of allegedly "recklessly causing bodily injury to". According to court documents filed in 2018, he was accused of grabbing and squeezing Olison's neck with his hand in addition to forcing her against a fence. He was also accused of recklessly impeding her normal breathing and circulation of blood by applying pressure to the complainant's throat and neck by blocking the complainant's nose and mouth. Charlo was released on $20,000 bail and a civil protection order was filed against him. He was acquitted of two counts of domestic violence against Olison in March 2019, according to ESPN.

Charlo has since moved on and found love with Hawaiian beauty Chy Westbrook. Not much is known about Charlo's current love interest apart from her Instagram and Facebook page. Her Instagram feed also reveals she has two kids, a son and a daughter, from previous relationships. Charlo and Westbrook started a family of their own by welcoming their first child together a couple of months ago. While the two have not been confirmed to have been married, FightHype referred to Westbrook as Charlo's wife.

While Charlo and Chy might not have revealed much about their life as a couple, there is a gossip blog called LipstickAlley where people who claim to know Chy have shared explosive details about her, most of it is unsubstantiated. People on the site have claimed Chy controls Charlo's social media handles as well and she allegedly deleted pictures of his mother and close friends. Naysayers also claimed Chy blocked the mother of Charlo's son on Instagram.


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