Who is Yorch? Thai actor to debut in BigHit’s Trainee A boy group

Who is Yorch? Thai actor to debut in BigHit’s Trainee A boy group
Thai actor Yorch to debut as a K-pop idol (@yorch_yongsin/Instagram)

Fans are always excited for HYBE’s new groups since it houses the likes of BTS, Seventeen and has formed monster rookies like TXT and Enhypen. Having debuted in 2019, TXT is one of the most popular fourth-gen boy groups at the moment while Enhypen is already a million-seller even though they just debuted in November 2020. And so, fans have been keeping an eye on HYBE’s subsidiary label BigHit’s rookie group Trainee A who gradually started revealing their members like Thai actor Yorch.

BigHit started introducing Trainee A from March 2021 with their own reality show ‘A-Road’, vlogs and practice videos. We got interviews and footage of them preparing for their debut. The evaluators also shared that with so many idol groups debuting nowadays and even small label groups like IVE and Kep1er going viral, Trainee A will have to pull out all the stops to appeal to the public. Just using their visual, skills and the fact that they’re from BTS’ label won’t help them anymore. Their brand seems to be the fact that they make their own songs with their own stories so that fans can relate.

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Who is Yorch?

And with such high expectations, fans are excited for the members of Trainee A. But the seventh and last member that was introduced on January 20 has caught everyone’s eye. For member Jo Woochan’s birthday, the rest of Trainee A took a video of celebrating his birthday. Some fans from Thailand noticed one member who looked like 19-year-old Thai actor Yorch. Woochan later thanked all of the members by name and confirmed that the last member to join the group was indeed Yorch Yongsin. His manager also confirmed that he would be debuting with Trainee A and that his family thanked BigHit for the opportunity. 


Trainee A for Woochan's birthday (@_trainee_a/Instagram)


Yorch started out as a child actor and model at the age of 10. His breakout role was in the 2013 Thai soap drama ‘Thong Nuea Kao’ (‘Pure Gold’). His first main role was in the family drama ‘Wai Sab Saraek Kad 2’ (‘Broken 2’). His latest role was in the 2021 rom-com ‘Esao Untarai’ (‘Dangerous Girl’). In his interviews, Yorch has often shown an interest in debuting as a K-pop idol and also auditioned for SM but could not go through with it due to his acting contract in Thailand.


Members of Trainee A

Apart from Yorch, we have six members in Trainee A. Leo was the first member to be introduced. He is Australian and produces his own music. Sangwon is from Hanlim Art School and has trained with Enhypen’s Jay and Heeseung. Woochan was a trainee with Cube and also a semi-finalist of the rap survival show ‘Show Me The Money 6’. James is Thai-Chinese, is from Hong Kong and can freestyle dance. Jihoon is the youngest, can choreograph and has won 2nd place in Winner’s ‘Really Really’ dance cover contest. JJ is Japanese-American and can play the guitar. He was previously part of the J-pop group Amezari Red Star.




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