Who is Vivian Brady? Tom Brady's cute 8-year-old daughter grabs eyeballs after dad's 7th Super Bowl win

During the celebrations following the game, an ecstatic Vivian touched the Vince Lombardi trophy

                            Who is Vivian Brady? Tom Brady's cute 8-year-old daughter grabs eyeballs after dad's 7th Super Bowl win
Tom Brady with daughter Vivian after the Super Bowl (Getty Images)

The end of Super Bowl LV saw the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat Kansas City Chiefs 31-9, giving Tom Brady his seventh title. He became the only other player apart from Peyton Manning to win Super Bowls with two different teams. While Brady was the star of the night, by all means, it was his daughter, eight-year-old Vivian Lake Brady who stole the show.

At 43 years and 188 days, Brady became the oldest player to play in the country's biggest sports event — his 10th Super Bowl was his first with Tampa Bay Buccaneers after leaving New England Patriots last March. While Brady has been a part of the winning Super Bowl Team six times over the past two decades, this is the first win for the Buccaneers since 2002. During the celebrations following the game, an ecstatic Vivian was seen as her father lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy, with Brady's two sons, 11-year-old Benjamin and 13-year-old John "Jack" Brady, looking on. At times, Vivian was seen grabbing confetti from the stage and throwing it at her brothers, Benjamin and Jack.



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Vivan Brady with Tom Brady (Getty Images)

After Brady received the trophy and Vivian reached for it, he eventually handed it to her — meaning she held the prestigious trophy before most of Brady's teammates from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did. When CBS announcer Jim Nantz asked Brady about getting to enjoy the victory with his children, Brady answered, "They started off about this big, and now look at 'em. So I'm trying to stop the little clock right now, but it will be nice to celebrate with them, too."

Vivian Brady was born in 2012 to Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen, the second child of Brady and Bündchen after Benjamin. Brady shares his oldest son, Jack, with actress Bridget Moynahan. Brady is a proud parent to Vivian, sharing a post on her eighth birthday, writing, "HBD 8th birthday Vivi! You are the sweetest little girl a daddy could ever hope for! You are so loved (and always protected by your big brothers)!"


Her mother had also posted a celebratory message marking the occasion, writing, "Happy birthday my little sunshine! ☀️✨❤️ Feliz aniversário meu raio de sol." Brady commented on the post, writing, "Our little Girlie Girl."


Vivian takes a lot after her mother, Bündchen. Earlier this year, Bündchen shared a collage of her daughter laying back on a horse -- similar to Bündchen's 2001 Vogue spread. In the post, Bündchen wrote, "Having a flashback from 20 year ago with my sweet little angel #tbt #2001-2021."


Vivian also loves doing yoga alongside her mother. In July 2020, Bündchen shared a photo of the two of them practicing it together, writing, "My little yoga partner is growing so fast! I love her more than words can express!"


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