Who is Trevor Double? Man sexually assaults, beats woman for three weeks after meeting her on dating site

Trevor Double, 45, from West Michigan is currently in jail after Kaila McCleary, 24, claimed that he almost beat her to death

                            Who is Trevor Double? Man sexually assaults, beats woman for three weeks after meeting her on dating site
Trevor Double gave the woman a different name while dating her (Van Buren County Sheriff's Office)

WARNING: Report contains graphic content that might be disturbing to some readers

BANGOR TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN: A man repeatedly beat up and sexually assaulted a woman, who he met on an online dating app, for more than three weeks after holding her against her will at his Van Buren County home. Trevor Double, 45, from West Michigan is currently in jail after Kaila McCleary, 24, claimed that he almost beat her to death. 

He is currently facing three felony charges including two sexual assault-related charges, according to court documents. Van Buren County deputy Sgt James Charon said that McCleary was lucky to be alive. 


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Who is Trevor Double?

Double held the 24-year-old Kaila hostage and attacked her physically during the time she was with him, with the survivor claiming she was almost beaten to death. Speaking of the incident, McCleary said, "I haven’t been home for over a month. This whole thing has been horrific."

Van Buren County Sheriff's Office documents cited that Double threatened her multiple times, and pictures also showed multiple bruises and abrasions on McCleary's body. McCleary added, "I was terrified. Life flashed in front of my eyes. I thought he would kill me."

She recalled how she met Double on dating app MeetMe and went out on a date after speaking to him for many weeks. She said that Double arrived at her home one morning to take her out on a second date. She expressed, "I didn’t know what his intention was." 

After this, McCleary did not return home for nearly a month. For three weeks after Double picked up McCleary, she was held against her will at his home at 46000 block of Vine Avenue in Bangor Township. Police officials said the severity of violence increased over this period and McCleary claimed she was scared to leave his presence. 

McCleary recalled, "When I told him I wanted to leave, he would beat on me more," adding, "I remember a few times, standing there when he was asleep, and just questioning, like, 'Should I go outside and try to get away? What should I do?'"

Investigators revealed that Double had accused McCleary of cheating on him, and threatened to kill her if she lied to him further. McCleary also revealed that Double threatened to harm her young son and she had attempted to escape him by jumping out of a moving vehicle. She also said that Double would beat her with his hand and cellphone. 

McCleary said, "He bought me two or three different phones over the course of three weeks. He smashed one on my head and beat me in the leg with it." She had to get 17 stitches on her body after Double used a hatchet like a paddle to beat her. She said, "I was lying on the edge of the bed with my feet up trying to block my face and he was whacking me in the legs. At one point, he dragged me by my hair and beat me with an iron."

On May 7, McCleary was taken to Bronson Lake View Hospital in Paw Paw to treat her wounds, where she told the doctors that her life was in danger. The police arrested Double after his picture was handed out to area hotels. He was recognized by a hotel clerk in Kalamazoo. 

Double already had an outstanding arrest warrant in relation to the theft of a car and breaking and entering into a Mattawan home. He was out on bond when McCleary accused him of putting her life at risk. In addition to this, Double also has a personal protective order issued against him in an unrelated case.

McCleary also revealed that Double had not given her his real name and went by Alex James. He had also not come clean to her about being convicted of a manslaughter charge in 2004 and being released in 2013 on probation.

She said, "I find out his name is Trevor Double and I'm like, 'That's not even close to the name he told me." 

Double was held at the Van Buren County Jail on a $50,000 bond and was charged with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and being a habitual offender.

Double has a probable cause hearing on June 2 at Van Buren County District Court.

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