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Who is the MAGA HULK? How Stephen Davis lurched from left to right to become 'huge' conservative

Stephen Davis' has a podcast called 'Smash with MAGA Hulk' where he frequently addresses popular right-wing talking points
Stephen Davis aka MAGA Hulk was a democrat before becoming a Trump supporter in 2017 (Instagram/stephendavis1776)
Stephen Davis aka MAGA Hulk was a democrat before becoming a Trump supporter in 2017 (Instagram/stephendavis1776)

DAVIS, CALIFORNIA: An event held by a conservative student club in UC Davis, which was set to feature podcast host Stephen Davis aka "MAGA Hulk," was canceled after a 100-person fight broke out between left-wing organizations and alleged members of the far-right group Proud Boys, according to MSN. The brawl began just before Davis was slated to speak before the students. The event was organized by Turning Point USA, where Davis is a contributor.

Violence erupted between the right-wing and left-wing factions, who “fought among themselves, used pepper spray, knocked over barricades and removed traffic cones,” university officials wrote. “Some in the crowd used barricades to beat on the glass of the UC Davis Conference Center, where about 30 people were inside waiting for the event to begin." In a post on Twitter, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk wrote, “Rather than risk any further escalation of violence, our TPUSA chapter leadership decided to cancel the event when it became apparent campus PD was unable to disperse the violent agitators outside while also keeping our students safe inside.”


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Stephen Davis was a proud Democrat before he turned Republican and a die-hard Donald Trump supporter in 2017. In an interview on Newsmax, when asked what prompted the sudden shift, Davis said that he got tired of spouting the same facts purported by left-wing media without doing any proper research.

"I wanted to understand what was going on, because I kept hearing this constant, persistent narrative that he's this bitter racist, that he's this terrible guy that's going to destroy the country. Very fabric of this country is going to tear all down. So I was like, you know what? Let me understand what's going on with this guy, especially because I started repeating the same things that the media was telling me," he said. "And I started doing my research, and I started seeing how the media kept taking this man out of context time and time and time again, speech after speech. They would take little clips and sound bites and twist it in such a way to make it sound like he was saying one thing when you listened to the entire context of the clip."

Davis claims he believed in Trump's vision for the greatness of the country. "I started looking into his policies and his American first policies. Taking care of home first, taking care of this country and its citizens first, which is something that we've been lacking when it comes to these other presidents are always taking care of other countries, all these humanitarian efforts with these other countries. So I started getting my research going on, and pretty soon I started realizing, I'm lining up on the right side of history, and I'm definitely lining up with Trump," he added.


He also claimed that African Americans have been used by Democrats in the past for the purpose of gaining votes but the party has failed to hear their voices and make any effort in solving the issues of the community. "We've had nothing but dilapidated communities and housing when it comes to the black community, when it comes to Democrat run districts. Right. And it's a constant thing when it comes to Democrats. We've been taken for granted, and we've gotten sick of it."

Davis has a popular podcast called 'Smash with MAGA Hulk' where he talks about his criticism against abortion, critical race theory, COVID restrictions, illegal immigration, and other hot topics. He is also a non-believer when it comes to the issue of systemic racism.