Charlie Kirk slammed for saying media switching to 'gun control' because shooter 'wasn't White'

Charlie Kirk slammed for saying media switching to 'gun control' because shooter 'wasn't White'
Charlie Kirk (Photo by Ed Rode/Getty Images for Politicon)

Radio talk show host and conservative activist Charlie Kirk ended up becoming the butt of all jokes after his major faux pas moment on Twitter. In the aftermath of the gory shooting at the Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, just like the rest of the nation, Kirk seemed to be mourning the loss of innocent lives. He turned to Twitter to share his feelings on the shootings and by urging people to stop politicizing the 'senseless murder of 14 innocent children'. He tweeted, "If you are attempting to politicize the senseless murder of 14 innocent children right now, you should probably stop. Pray for the families of the students and the community in Uvalde, Texas."

As the gruesome details of the shootings and the shooter- Salvador Ramos, emerged, Kirk flip-flopped on his earlier statement about politicizing the event when he shot out the controversial tweet accusing the media of shifting the narrative from "potential white supremacy" to "gun control" after learning the last name of the shooter."  As the two tweets were posted within a span of twenty minutes, Twitter users flocked to his page to slam him for his foot-in-the-mouth moment. 


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Charlie Kirk's tweet on Texas shooting left Twitter users fuming (Charlie Kirk/ Twitter)


Many users retweeted his earlier tweet back to him questioning his changing stance. A user wrote, "This you? It’s only been 20 mins!" Another user commented, "Let's not make it political", Charlie's next tweet makes it political." "Charlie Kirk: don't politicize this shooting! Also Charlie Kirk: unless its a politicization I agree with!" mocked another user. "18 minutes ago you said not to politicize this," reminded another user.






Charlie Kirk's tweet to not politicize the Texas shooting didn't age well (Charlie Kirk/ Twitter)


Many users also pointed out to Kirk how the issue wasn't about the race of the shooter but instead gun reforms. A user shared, "The race of the killer isn’t the issue. Restricting access to firearms is the issue." "Just a vacant, empty vessel with no soul. A f*cking ghoul," added another user. "Well Charlie if they’re white and they say they’re white supremacists - this might sound crazy - but generally that means they’re… white supremacists. I know that might be hard for you to grasp, being that you can’t hold two ideas in your head at the same time," explained another user. "No one wants it to be "white supremacy". No one should ignore "white supremacy" when something actually is white supremacy either. If you you're not a white supremacist, it's not about you. If you're taking offense to calling out white supremacy... consciousness of guilt, maybe?" pointed out another user.





The shooter behind Tuesday's Texas shootings was identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos. According to reports, he reportedly shot his grandmother dead before entering the school with what appeared to be an assault rifle and opened fire. The Robb Elementary School has over 500 students aged between seven and nine, and about 90% of them are believed to be Hispanic. Ramos was killed by the police at the scene. The motive behind his shooting hasn't been revealed yet.

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