'I don’t want them calling him a monster': Salvador Ramos' dad says his son was 'a good person'

'I don’t want them calling him a monster': Salvador Ramos' dad says his son was 'a good person'
A memorial is seen surrounding the Robb Elementary School sign following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 26, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

UVALDE, TEXAS: Salvador Ramos, the father of the Texas gunman who massacred 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School on Tuesday, May 25 apologized for his 18-year-old son and said the teen should have killed him instead. In an interview with the Daily Beast on Thursday, May 26, the gunman's 42-year-old father, Ramos, opened up about his son who goes by the same name.

The senior Ramos said, “I just want the people to know I’m sorry man, [for] what my son did.” “I never expected my son to do something like that. He should’ve just killed me, you know, instead of doing something like that to someone.” The father told the Daily Beast that he had not been in his son’s life much as of late due to his job away from Uvalde. The teen shooter on Tuesday, May 24, before going towards the school, first shot his 66-year-old grandmother Cecilia Gonzalez in the face, leaving her severely injured, and took her pickup truck and shot dead 21 people inside of a fourth-grade classroom in what was one of the deadliest mass shootings in Texas history. The gunman was killed at the scene by responding law enforcement officers.


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Uvalde school shooting massacre suspect Salvador Ramos (salv8dor_/Instagram)

Senior Ramos told the Daily Beast that he was at work the day of the shooting and only learned of it when his own mother called to tell him. In a panic, he started calling the local jail, asking them if his son was there. “I’m never gonna see my son again, just like they’re not gonna see their kids. And that hurts me", a remorseful Ramos added.

Despite the deadly massacre that killed 21 people, the gunman's father went on saying and insisted that his son was “a good person” who “stuck to himself.” The reason behind the horrific massacre is still unknown to his father. Senior Ramos claimed that he noticed certain changes in his son. Like, he bought a pair of boxing gloves. "I started seeing different changes in him like that", he added.

Reportedly the teen shooter did not have a good relationship with his mother and dropped out of high school ahead of his graduation year. “My mom tells me he probably would have shot me too, because he would always say I didn’t love him,” senior Ramos claimed. Ramos claimed that his son was bullied at school for wearing the same high-water jeans every day and that this was the reason he ultimately dropped out and he blamed the teen school shooting suspect's mother, Adriana Reyes, for not buying him more school supplies and clothes. Earlier, on Thursday, May 26, in an interview with ABC News, Reyes told that "I had an uneasy feeling sometimes, like 'what are you up to? adding that her son is "not a monster," but that "he can be aggressive...If he really got mad."

Memorials for victims of Tuesday's mass shooting at a Texas elementary school, in City of Uvalde Town Square on May 26, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. (Getty Images)

The teen school shooter's mom further said that she was unaware that her son had been purchasing the weapons. The teen purchased two AR-15-style rifles legally a few days before the school mass shooting and said she was 'surprised' her son did something like this and insisted he wasn't a violent person at all. 

Senior Ramos added that he was speaking out because “I want my son’s story out there.” “I don’t want them calling him a monster... they don’t know nothing, man,” he said. “They don’t know anything he was going through".

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