Who is She Nova? Meet 'American Idol' contestant whose live stream on Twitch during LA earthquake went viral

'Oh my Lord. That's an earthquake. That's a big fu****g earthquake,' She Nova said before worrying about swearing on her channel and then running off to safety

                            Who is She Nova? Meet 'American Idol' contestant whose live stream on Twitch during LA earthquake went viral
She Nova on 'American Idol' (Instagram/She Nova)

One of the trailers from 'American Idol' Season 19 that went on air this Valentine's Day was out a month before premiere day. A lot of contestants who are scheduled to be appearing in the season in the capacity of contestants or even the ones who just auditioned and made it to these promo videos began to post photos with the blue and white 'American Idol' backdrop on their respective social media handles. However, there was one particular contestant who everyone had identified from the trailer, even though her face was not fully visible and it was just the hair that gave out her identity. The songstress in question goes by the name She Nova, her real identity is yet not known. 

She Nova's signature purple hair that ends at her shoulders and her bangs along with her skinny and long limbs were visible in the promo that saw her crying and hugging her friend who had accompanied her to the audition and shining bright was the golden ticket that she held. For months, there were a number of forums that 'Idol' fans use to discuss the season and its contestants and everyone was talking over and over about the purple-haired girl and whether it was She Nova. 


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The singer who describes herself as an alt-pop artist kept quiet and kept moving along with her business, choosing to not acknowledge the number of comments that her fans and people who were familiar with her music were posting. However, she finally broke her silence on the subject ahead of premiere night. Taking to her Instagram, She Nova wrote, "Keep getting DMs askin if that’s me in the commercial and ye it’s true lol. I have to say, the whole idol team made this weirdo feel welcome day one. Shout out to all the other amazing artists and tune in to the premiere tonight." She shared the news alongside a photograph of her in that neon t-shirt her fans saw her sporting in the trailer against the 'American Idol' backdrop. 




Like a lot of contestants this season, She Nova is already famous and has a fandom of her own. Her YouTube channel has close to 18K subscribers and her Instagram page boasts of 20.3K followers. For the uninformed, one of She Nova's live videos from the streaming site Twitch went viral. She was about to begin singing for her followers while also playing her piano, sitting in her aesthetically pleasing room that also appeared very cozy. It had just been a couple of seconds into the performance, she was still vocalizing at that point but she abruptly had to stop when she felt the room shake. "Oh my Lord. That is an earthquake. That is a big f****ng earthquake," she said after which she was taken aback by the profanity she just put out on her channel and then ran off to safety. 


She Nova posted that video to her YouTube and it has close to 3 Million views till date and the reactions are as hilarious as the video. "I love how a literal earthquake is happening and the second thing she worries about is how she just swore on her channel," said one fan. "One minuet she's singing like an angel, the next she's like: That's a big fuqing earthquake," read another comment. "I love how heavenly she sounds! then all of a sudden, 'THAT'S A BIG F*KIN EARTHQUAKE!'" read another comment. "When you sing so well that you accidentally summons the forces of nature..." commented another under her video. 



Keep up with She Nova on her YouTube, catch up with her angelic singing on Spotify, you can also look up her Instagram profile, her handle is shenovaweirdo. For people who love her fashion, She Nova also has a line of merchandise, you can get your hands on them here

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