Who is Nathaly? TLC's 'Match Me Abroad' star rejects orthodox Sri Lankan upbringing to find love

Who is Nathaly? TLC's 'Match Me Abroad' star rejects orthodox Sri Lankan upbringing to find love
'Match Me Abroad' star Nathaly goes to Colombia to find true love (TLC/ Website)

Get ready for an exhilarating journey about finding love with 'Match Me Abroad' on TLC. To all the dating show geeks who have been following '90 Day Fiance' and 'Milf Manor', this new addition may be perfect for you. This new international dating show will tell us stories about seven singles who failed to find love in their own country and decide to look for their true love abroad. Three talented matchmakers will be helping them along the way. 

Nathaly, a resident of California, was brought up in a traditional Sri Lankan family. Now, she has asked a matchmaker for help to find her soulmate. She is ready to switch things up in her life and explore the other possibilities in the dating world. 


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Who is Nathaly?

Nathaly is a 25-year-old from California. She was brought up in a conservative Sri Lankan household. Since she was born and grew up in California, she has been around people with a liberal mindset and an outgoing lifestyle, but her culture does not allow her such freedom. She sought help from matchmaking expert Juan Manuel Nino to help her navigate the dating scene in Colombia.  



Nathaly's journey on 'Match Me Abroad' 

Juan will be seen pushing Nathaly outside her comfort zone on 'Match Me Abroad,' he will encourage her to try new things in her quest for true love. Nathaly's conservative upbringing did not allow her to explore dating. The 25-year-old is well aware that she will face cultural differences along the way, but she is willing to take the risk to find the perfect Colombian man. In one of the episodes, she will be seen jumping into the pool with her date. Jumping into the pool with your date might seem normal to us, but it means much more for Nathaly. It is symbolic of her newly-discovered courage and her willingness to let go of her inhibitions. 


Nathaly is a free spirit who is looking for a partner who can match her energy and zest for life. The young Californian had to go against her conservative family to enter the reality show. She had a small row with her mother. As a young woman stepping out on her own for the first time, she is excited about the prospect of finding love and exploring new cultures, but she also feels the weight of her mother's expectations on her shoulders. Nevertheless, Nathaly's determination will outweigh her worries about her mother's approval. 

'Match Me Abroad' show premieres on May 14 at 10 pm ET

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 Who is Nathaly? TLC's 'Match Me Abroad' star rejects orthodox Sri Lankan upbringing to find love