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What is Monie Cashette's net worth? Meet 'Little Women: Atlanta' star who once splashed a drink at Juicy's face

Monie Cashette is fierce and feisty, making her a star on the show. Here's everything you need to know about her
UPDATED JAN 30, 2021
Monie Cashette from 'Little Women: Atlanta' (Lifetime)
Monie Cashette from 'Little Women: Atlanta' (Lifetime)

Tiffany 'Monie' Cashette has been making all the right moves in the series premiere episode of 'Little Women: Atlanta'. Knowing that the audience thrives on reality TV, she shot for the first season and didn't shy away from adding a dose of drama.

While Tiny twins — Andrea and Amanda Salinas — were getting all attention prior to the series premiere of 'Little Women: Atlanta', it is Monie who rose up the ranks among fans. In a peculiar incident, Monie was celebrating Minnie's birthday along with the rest of the cast when Ms Juicy tried to gatecrash the party. Minnie was upset to see Ms Juicy come to her celebration after the latter bad-mouthed her and questioned her integrity on many levels, accusing her of lying to increase relevancy in Atlanta.


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Watching her friend unhappy and unable to digest Ms Juicy's audacity, she declared, "I am the queen of Atlanta, boo!" Not just that, Monie lost her calm and poured a drink at her leaving Juicy soaked.

Woah! But Monie is not just all about drama... here's a slice of her interesting life. Did you know Monie is 4'6" tall, making her the tallest amongst the 'LW' cast? Read on to know more, especially why she quit the show after the last season.


Why did Monie quit the show after the Season 5 premiere episode?

Born on October 26, 1982, Monie Cashette has had many troubled years before she finally tasted success. When she was 19 years old, her mother, Felicia Andrea Wardsworth, died due to Scleroderma.

She cares a lot about her near and dear ones and The 'LW' star had announced that she would be leaving the Lifetime show after failing to juggle her personal issues regarding a custody battle for her son Derrick Jr and filming for the show. Season 5 premiere episode had seen her lose a court battle that could have allowed her to move her son from Houston to Atlanta.


She then decided to move to Texas to be with her son. TMZ had reported at the time that quitting the show wasn't tough for her. “Sounds like quitting the show was an easy decision … we’re told Monie will always put her son before her career,” the outlet had reported, according to a Heavy report. Season 6 is round the corner and Monie will be making a return to the 'Little Women: Atlanta' once again. 

What does Monie Cashette do?


Apart from her stint on 'LW', Monie is also an actor. Her IMDb reveals that she was in the 2020 movie 'Jurica Road' and voiced the character of Monie the Lady Bug in 'Nubbin & Friends' in 2016. Monie also turned entrepreneur after launching her T-shirt and shoe line called MonieRose.

Before all of the fame trickled in and she got bit by the acting bug, Monie worked as a medical claims examiner, according to DatingCelebs

Monie Cashette's relationships

Morlin and Monie from 'Little Women: Atlanta' (Lifetime)

Monie Cashette got married to Morlin in 2017. Their wedding was documented in 2017, special titled 'Monie Gets Married!', and she said it was one of the best experiences of her life.

"A lot of times, I was loved for the wrong reasons by a person, and it was messed up in other areas because after that uniqueness faded away to them — or I guess it got old to them — everything else about me was old, and I was cheated in a certain way. So that’s what I appreciate about Morlin," she had told In Touch Weekly at the time. However, in an Instagram video posted in 2019, she announced that the two are headed for a divorce. 

Monie Cashette's net worth


There are a lot of contrasting details on the internet regarding Monie's finances and there's no way to determine her exact net worth. However, most of the websites state that her net worth is between $100K and $1 million.

However, Success Titan says, "Monie Cashette’s net worth is an estimated $0.35 million. Besides acquiring wealth from her series Little Women: Atlanta, she has a production company, a luster skin care line, a t-shirt line, show line called MonieRose."

'Little Women: Atlanta' Season 6 will premiere on January 29 at 9 pm ET on Lifetime. Catch a kickoff special of the show on Jan 22 at 9 pm on the network where all the ladies look back on the past five seasons.