Who is Michael Haak? Southwest Airlines pilot exposed his genitals while flying from Philadelphia to Orlando

Michael Haak was the 'pilot in command' of the plane during the flight

                            Who is Michael Haak? Southwest Airlines pilot exposed his genitals while flying from Philadelphia to Orlando
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DALLAS, TEXAS: Federal authorities charged a Southwest pilot with 'indecent expossure' of his genitals while flying. The incident, according to court records, took place during a flight last August. The flight was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Orlando, Florida, and the same was recorded in a one-page filing in federal district court in Maryland.

The filing also describes the crime in detail as the pilot having exposed his genitals in acts that began, continued, and ended while flight 6607 on August 10, 2020, was in the air. The document, however, did not include any details about if this witnessed by someone, and the circumstances surrounding the same. 


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Who is Michael Haak?

Michael Haak is a pilot on Southwest airlines who has been charged with indecent exposure. According to documents quoted by New York Post, Haak “intentionally committed an act of lewd, indecent and obscene exposure of his genitals in a public place”. The complaint also says “he was the pilot in command.” The complaint which was filed on April 2 also stated, "The acts began, continued and were completed while the aircraft was in flight from Philadelphia International Airport to Orlando International Airport, during which it overflew parts of the District of Maryland and other federal districts." There are no additional details available on if Haak did anything in addition to indecent exposure.

In related news, Southwest Airlines in January put emotional support animals on their no-fly list. The airline was one of the last among the nation’s six largest airlines to change the rules about animals traveling onboard the flight. The new rule stated that any pet that would be brought on board would have to be kept in a carrier, one that would fit under the seats inside the flight.

It was also reported that many passengers misused the regulations regarding animals that are emotionally supportive. Turns out many used this rule to get out of paying the extra fee that was required to fly one's pets. So with the change of the rule, passengers will be able to fly their pets, but for a cost and only if they meet all the other requirements. 

However, the airlines said that it will let passengers bring trained service dogs in the cabin. The rules were brought into action as of March 1. It was also on Southwest Airlines recently that a woman who had not worn her mask was removed from the plane. The video of the incident went viral on TikTok as other passengers onboard the flight applauded the airline for removing the woman without the mask. The video also saw the woman try to argue with the staff about not following rules, but the passengers did not let her.

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