Who is Wayne Couzens? ‘Missing’ Sarah Everard feared dead as shocking rumors suggest cop raped and murdered her

Who is Wayne Couzens? ‘Missing’ Sarah Everard feared dead as shocking rumors suggest cop raped and murdered her
Missing woman Sarah Everard and suspect Wayne Couzens (Facebook/AttemptToLocate)

After a Metropolitan police officer was arrested on March 9, 2021, Tuesday, on suspicion of kidnapping Sarah Everard, reports suggested he was taken into custody on March 10, on additional suspicion of murder and allegations of indecent exposure. The arrested officer has been recognized in the news as Wayne Couzens.

A 48-year-old married man and father of two, he was working in the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command, reported The Sun. Although the police are yet to release further details about the suspect, speculations are rife on social media about 33-year-old Everard's whereabouts, including an unconfirmed suggestion that her body has been found in Couzens's back garden. In the latest development, "what appears to be human remains" have been found in woodland in Kent in the search for missing 33-year-old, Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has said. Police have not yet been able to confirm any identity, she added.


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Meanwhile, the cop's photos and his background have surfaced online.

Who is Wayne Couzens?

Couzens joined the police force 10 years ago and before that, he used to work for his family garage in Dover. The garage was shut down after its owner and Ray retired in 2015. He has also worked as a panel beater and had a short spell in the territorial army. As a police officer, his primary role was mainly uniformed patrol duties at diplomatic premises.

The Met police officer recently stationed in Westminster provided protection at major public events attended by senior members of the Royal Family. Couzens was led in handcuffs from his house just before midnight. About 150 police officers had been searching an abandoned leisure complex in Great Chart, near Ashford, Kent. Shocked after hearing the news, a former colleague of Couzens reportedly said, "It is truly shocking that he has been arrested over Sarah's disappearance." 

‘A helicopter came over about 3 am or 4 am’

After his arrest, the Metropolitan Police made a referral to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. The authorities also admitted that the connection of a police officer to the crime is "shocking and deeply disturbing".

According to reports, his farm — located almost three miles to the south-west of the Great Chart Golf and Leisure complex — was searched. An unnamed 69-year-old woman, who lives near Fridd Lane, told The Sun that cops arrived around midnight. "Police cars were turning around in our yard and then a helicopter came over about 3 am or 4 am. We just thought they were looking for someone. They didn't speak to us." 

‘They just seemed like a normal, regular family’

If reports and neighbors' accounts are to be believed, the police officer lived with his "chatty" wife and two children. He also had a pug dog. "They just seemed like a normal, regular family, there was nothing strange about them at all," Pamela Cane, 77, who lives opposite, told The Sun. Calling them "the perfect family," she said her late partner Rod would discuss policing with Couzens.

Remembering him as a "friendly" man, she said, "The whole situation is horrifying. I can’t believe this. The arrest is more shocking because he’s a police officer. Wayne would also fix bikes in his garage. He was known for helping people with them." Neighbour David Ladd, 48, saw Couzens bundled into a police car. Corrine Couzens, Wayne’s step-mother, told The Sun she couldn't comment but added: "I'm aware of what's happening." 

‘The force potentially has many sex predators and pedophiles’

Police are searching Couzens's home and garden as well as nearby Betteshanger Park which is around two-and-a-half-miles from the house. The latest speculations online suggest that the arrested police officer, who hails from Kent, kidnapped, raped, and murdered Everard. "Met Police Officer officially named Wayne Couzens from Kent working in London kidnapped, potentially raped (phone contained indecent images) and murdered Sarah Everard. The force potentially has many sex predators and pedophiles and The Met do well to cover them," tweeted one user.


While the information is yet to be verified by the police, what has been confirmed so far in media is that Couzens' home in Deal has been sealed off while police teams were digging up the premises, reported KentOnline. An abandoned leisure complex in Ashford is also being scoured in connection with the investigation.

Along with Couzens, a 39-year-old woman was also arrested from the house on suspicion of assisting an offender. Some are considering this woman to be Couzens's wife. "Wayne Couzens was arrested last night with a woman believed to be the wife of Wayne Couzens, 48, on suspicion of helping a criminal at their home in Deal, Kent," tweeted a user.


Was Sarah Everard murdered?

Everard, a marketing executive from Brixton, mysteriously vanished near Clapham Junction on March 3, 2021, around 9.28 pm. She is described as 5ft 4in with blond hair and of slim build and was last seen wearing a green rain jacket, navy blue trousers with a white diamond pattern, turquoise and orange trainers and a white beanie hat as she walked from the Clapham Junction area towards her home in Brixton after meeting a friend. Before the disappearance, she was reportedly on a phone call with her partner, Josh Lowth. Everard's loved ones had all unanimously agreed that it was "extremely uncharacteristic" of her to cut contact suddenly.  

Following the arrest of Couzens in connection with her disappearance and suspected murder, many believe that he had kidnapped and killed her, though his connection with Everard still remains unclear. Reportedly, Couzens is also being questioned on a separate offense of indecent exposure against a different woman. Several tweets have surfaced online wondering if Everard is still alive or was murdered. 

"Sarah Everard murder investigation: Arrested officer named as Wayne Couzens as police search house in Deal and woodland near Ashford... Wishing for a glimmer of hope she’s still alive and well #SarahEverard," said a hopeful user, though many are already believing that Couzens had killed her. 


‘Police were telling women to not walk alone’

Many local women are also expressing how they feel unsafe after a police officer was arrested on suspicion of Everard's murder. "It’s about time we talked about how completely insane it is that men murder women - constantly. We have to live our lives in fear of being killed by the male of our own species. I am so angry. And scared. #SarahEverard," a concerned user posted.

Another furious user tweeted - "I'm so mad. Police were telling women to not walk alone while their colleague was responsible for Sarah Everard's suspected murder. If that's not the clearest analogy of society putting the onus on women while not checking the behaviour of the men and institutions closest to them."



Actress Sophie Turner also shared the Sarah Everard case on her Instagram Stories after the mysterious case shocked people in the UK and beyond. 

Sophie Turner's post for Sarah Everard (Instagram Stories)

Deputy Commissioner Nick Ephgrave said "we really hope" Sarah is still alive. AC Ephgrave said: "The arrest this evening is a serious and significant development. We will continue to work with all speed on this investigation but the fact that the arrested man is a serving Metropolitan Police officer is both shocking and deeply disturbing. I understand there will be significant public concern but it is essential that the investigative team are given the time and space to continue their work."

The police are still investigating the case and looking for clues including an unused paintball center and a golf practice field. The rumors have not been confirmed yet. We will update this space with the latest developments.

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