Who is Jo Seho? Comedian who 'disrespected' BTS' Jungkook on past show to host band again, fans demand apology

In 2016, BTS' youngest vocalist Jungkook appeared on the variety show ‘Flower Crew' where BTS ARMY heavily criticized the South Korean comedian for treating Jungkook badly

                            Who is Jo Seho? Comedian who 'disrespected' BTS' Jungkook on past show to host band again, fans demand apology
Comedian Jo Seho is still drawing flak from BTS ARMY for 'disrespecting' Jungkook on a show (Jo Seho Instagram/Getty Images)

BTS ARMY has a mixed reaction about BTS appearing as a guest on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ for a very particular reason. Jungkook once appeared on a show called ‘Flower Crew’ where ARMY felt that the Grammy-nominated K-pop group vocalist was insulted by a member of the show, Jo Seho. With BTS set to interact with the same person on camera in 2021, ARMY is wondering how their reactions will be.

BTS will reportedly appear on a tvN variety show ‘You Quiz on the Block’ on March 24. After the news surfaced, BTS ARMY was quick to point out that the show features Jo Seho with whom Jungkook has an unpleasant history famously known as the "hamburger" incident. 


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Jo Seho has been accused of disrespecting Jungkook on 'Flower Crew' in 2016 (Jo Seho Instagram)

Who is Jo Seho?

Jo Seho is a famous South Korean comedian who has appeared on numerous variety shows including ‘Roommate’, ‘Happy Together’, ‘Flower Crew’, ‘Law of the Jungle in Sumatra’, ‘Living Together in Empty Room’ and more. Currently, he is a part of tvN’s ‘Your Quiz on the Block’ where BTS will be appearing as guests for a March episode.


What is the 'hamburger incident'?

In 2016, BTS’ youngest vocalist Jungkook appeared on the variety show ‘Flower Crew; where BTS ARMY heavily criticized the South Korean comedian for treating Jungkook terribly. On the show, Jungkook appeared with burgers for the cast with bacon and cheese and the cast members including Jo Seho rejected the burgers. Though Jungkook maintained politeness throughout the show, BTS ARMY was infuriated as to how the ‘My Time’ crooner was treated by the cast.

BTS ARMY demands an apology from Jo Seho for mistreating Jungkook on the show (Getty Images)

Jo Seho apologized for his behavior

As the ‘On & Off’ comedian was called out on social media, he later apologized for hurting fans’ feelings, stating, “I am also sorry if I have made the audience feel uncomfortable. I may have acted differently since I was trying to get to know [Jungkook and Kim Min Suk],” Soompi reported.

Jungkook never openly talked about the behaviour. The 24-year-old ‘Stay’ crooner said during the shooting, “I’m really having a good time filming.” He added, “The first broadcast was more comfortable. After the broadcast, the atmosphere has become uncomfortable.” He added, “I’m really having fun, and the other members all take good care of me when we’re not filming too.”

Fan reactions

With BTS appearing on the same show as Jo Seho, BTS ARMY feel it is going to a different kind of experience. A fan said, “if Jo Seho doesnt apologize on his knees i would find WAYS to make him kneel!” Another said, “i wanna see how jo seho will act and meet eyes with the 18 years old boy he disrespected who’s now a Grammy Nominee. sounds hot for me.”

Another fan quipped, “I know jungkook wouldn’t want us to drag Jo Seho again but... I’m a grown woman with very fragile feelings so imma fiteeee!” Another said, “If Jungkook gave me milk bc he thought I was thirsty, I’d drink it (I’m lactose intolerant) should’ve just ate your blessed burger Jo Seho!” A fan said, “Jo seho I want an apology letter before my boys will appear on your show. I won’t tolerate mistreatment again.”

Another fan shared, "Jungkook is the kindest and humble person in the world and of course he won't say anything against and will act normal in that variety show but putting him in that uncomfortable place and situation is unforgivable, wtf Bighit thinking, Jungkook deserves better, away from Jo Seho."












Prior to tvN's show, BTS will also appear in 'MTV Unplugged Presents: BTS' special episode. To know how to live stream the exclusive show, click here. Watch some teasers of the show below.




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