Is Bayern 3 racist? Radio host calls BTS 'sh***y virus' like Covid-19, fans say 'hold him accountable'

Soon, the company shared an apology statement saying that it was the host's 'personal taste' and he passed the statement under 'exaggerated excitement'

                            Is Bayern 3 racist? Radio host calls BTS 'sh***y virus' like Covid-19, fans say 'hold him accountable'
Radio show host of Bayern 3 called K-pop band BTS a 'virus' (Getty Images)

German radio network Bayern 3's presenter Matthias Matuschik sparked controversy during his show titled 'Matuschke program' after he slammed BTS and made racial comments against the group. Matuschik almost consistently called the band a 'shitty' virus like Covid-19 and added that "hopefully there would be a vaccination against it soon". 

According to Ansoko, apart from comparing the boy band to Covid-19, the show host also said, "Nothing against South Korea. You can't accuse me of xenophobia just because this boy band from South - I have a car from South Korea. I have the coolest car ever. I drive a South Korean car with a six-cylinder, twin-turbocharger, four-wheel drive, all the bells and whistles and a top speed of 270, Korea rules, well, South Korea. But BTS. And BTS, yes, they actually have an MTV Unplugged now - with a boy band, Unplugged! That alone is paradoxical! Yes? And then these... these little pissers brag about the fact that they covered Fix You from Coldplay, where I say: "This is blasphemy!" And that's what I say as an atheist! This is... this is sacrilege, for this you will... for this you will be vacationing in North Korea for the next 20 years!"

Matthias Matuschik (

As soon as these comments came to light, the Internet slammed the radio channel and also labeled it "racist". One user said, "tw // racism for those who armys who wake up, and don't know what is happening, a radio german host made a xenophobic comment to our boys and we didn't tolerate this kind of act , please rt to spread awareness!!! #Bayern3Racist #RassismussBeiBayern3." While another one said, "reminder: we'll protect you and you'll protect us whatever may happen in the future RACISM IS NOT AN OPINION! #RassismusbeiBayern3 #Bayern3Racist."



Slamming the show host another one said, "Hold him accountable. What he said wasn’t just a music opinion, it was racist, xenophobic and just extremely gross. RACISM is not something to be taken lightly or as a joke. They should apologize sincerely instead of making excuses. #Bayern3Racist #RassismusbeiBayern3." While one wrote: "The continued targeting of the Asian community and its association with COVID-19 is unacceptable and has to stop. RACISM IS NOT AND WAS NOT EVER A JOKE NOR AN OPINION #Bayern3Racist #RassismusbeiBayern3."



BTS Army slammed the radio channel and the host and demanded an apology saying, "Please apologize to our boys, your opinion doesn't make sense, so many people who not BTS fans give them compliment for their cover, but why you cursing them. Please apologize to BTS #RacismusbeiBayern3 #[email protected]" While some got really "uncomfortable" with the comments, "The racist stuff with #bayern3 just makes me so uncomfortable because I'm starting to think that there are way more racist people here than I thought and that people who are in a position to make things more bearable don't care about anyone who gets mistreated."



Soon, the company shared an apology statement saying that it was the host's "personal taste" and he passed the statement under "exaggerated excitement", the statement reads: "In the show Matuschke - the slightly different evening; presenter Matthias Matuschik gave his personal opinion on the very successful South Korean band BTS and their un(ilugged concert and many of you have complained about it. It is the character of this program and also of the moderator to express his opinion clearly, openly and without makeup. In this case, out of the promise to present his opinion in an ironic and exaggerated way and with exaggerated excitement, he overshot his choice of words and thus hurt the feelings of the BTS fan."

"But he had - he assured us - in no way intended. This is his personal opinion of taste, regardless of the band's origin and cultural background You don't have to share this taste, nor do you have to share the rough expression. The story of Matthias and his actions, his posts in the past (to be read on his Facebook page and in various articles) clearly show that he is absolutely far from xenophobia and racism in any form. He has also tried to present this here, but does not change the fact that many of you have perceived his statements as hurtful or racist. apologize for this in all form. We will work on the topic again with Matthias and the team in the next few days."

The statement made by the company (Twitter)
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