Who is Matthew Lewinski? Michigan man murdered and hid body of girlfriend for seven months


                            Who is Matthew Lewinski? Michigan man murdered and hid body of girlfriend for seven months
Matthew Lewinski is accused of killing his girlfriend Jerri Winters and hiding her body in his basement (Macomb County Jail)

MACOMB, MICHIGAN: A 37-year-old man from Macomb County was arrested after the dead body of his girlfriend was found at his home. The man was said to be living with the corpse since December 2020 after he murdered her during a fight. The man is facing charges of murder and mutilation after the body was discovered from his basement by his sister in the last week of July. 

As bizarre as it sounds, this is not the first of its kind case where abuse of a dead body is involved. A North Carolina woman kept the body of her 93-year-old woman at home for four months because she wanted to see the various stages of death and human decay. The 69-year-old woman named Donna Sue Hudgins was charged with felony concealment of death regarding the incident. In a recent incident, Arkansas native Geanee Pike covered her mother's dead body with newspapers and lived in the same house as the corpse to keep collecting Social Security disability checks. During questioning, she revealed her mother owed her money which she had promised to pay back through those checks.


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Who is Matthew Lewinski?

Matthew Lewinski is a resident of Clinton Township, Michigan. He shared an apartment with his live-in girlfriend Jerri Winters. Lewinski admitted to killing his girlfriend last year in December. A fight ensued between the couple at their 1000-sq.ft. Crosswinds Condominiums unit according to Assistant Macomb prosecutor Sian Hengeveld. Lewinski admitted to strangling Winters and then moved her body to the basement of their home only to be discovered by Lewinski's sister last week after which she notified the police. 

Prosecutors say Lewinski allegedly removed large portions of flesh from Winters' back. "The gruesome acts of the defendant also allegedly included removing large portions of flesh from the victim's back," the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office said in a news release. Neighbors said they had smelled a stench emanating from Lewinski's house. 'I've smelled it for a while. I would run from my car," Lewinski's neighbor Jacqueline said. She would have to cover her face with her shirt when entering her home, she added. "A guy said maybe he needs to clean up his house. But I said that is not cleaning house, that is something dead," she said.

Winters and Lewinski had separated in November 2020 and the latter had told one of their neighbors who identified as Jacqueline that his girlfriend was abusive towards him. "If the b--ch comes back, I won't let her in," he told Jacqueline after Winters moved out of his home. But Winters allegedly moved back the following month, according to Hengeveld. The duo continued to argue mostly over money and bills, according to other neighbors. 

According to the prosecutor's office, Lewinski faces homicide charges for the murder of Winters. He was charged with three separate crimes which are - first-degree premeditated murder, mutilation of a dead body, and concealing the death of an individual. If convicted for the first charge, Lewinski could end up with a life sentence without parole, the second and third charges carry five and ten-year felony sentences. Lewinski was arraigned on July 30 and is currently being held at Macomb County Jail without bail. He will face district court for a pre-exam on August 9. 

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