Luis Peroza: Suspect apprehended in shocking assault on 90-yr-old candy store owner Ray Alvarez

Luis Peroza: Suspect apprehended in shocking assault on 90-yr-old candy store owner Ray Alvarez
Luis Peroza was arrested for the brutal assault of 90-year-old Ray Alvarez, owner of Ray's Candy Store in East Village (@NYPD9Pct/Twitter, Fox 5/YouTube screenshot)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: The attacker involved in the brutal beating of New York City's beloved candy store owner Ray Alvarez was arrested, according to police officials. The Manhattan man was arrested for the shocking assault of Ray's Candy store owner whose facial bones were broken and was left with a black eye.


On Saturday, February 4, the 9th Precinct tweeted, “Today we informed Ray that we identified and apprehended the perpetrator responsible for this heinous crime. Special thanks to Warrants Section, 9th Detective Squad, and Intelligent Division.” A day after the vicious beating, Alvarez went back to work. However, he later required medical attention and he visited the Beth Israel Hospital on Thursday, February 3. The doctors then treated the victim for extensive injuries.


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Who is Luis Peroza?

Luis Peroza, a 39-year-old man lived just a few blocks away from Ray's candy store in East Village. The Manhattan man was arrested and charged with assault on Friday, February 4 following the brutal assault of Alvarez, reported New York Post.



Brutal assault on Ray Alvarez

Alvarez was viciously attacked on Tuesday, January 31, around 3.00 am by a stranger, according to cops. Carrying a package into the store, the perp asked the 90-year-old man if he wanted to buy the package, and after he was asked what it contained, the stranger handed the box to another man. The culprit then threatened to kill Alvarez.


On Thursday, February 3, Alvarez who "couldn't believe" such an incident could take place, recalled the day and said, "They had soda. They wanted to sell it to me. I said no. One punched my head and my chest. One-handed [the soda] to the other guy, ‘Hold this, I’m going to kill this guy."

Following the attack, Alvarez's jaw was dislocated and he is forced to eat using a straw. According to the news outlet, the victim opined that the assault would have never occurred if the neighborhood had more police patrolling around. "I have three broken bones, one here [the side of his face], one in my cheek, one in my eye, my jaw is dislocated," and added, "There is a lot of crime because there are not enough police. We used to have police on foot patrol, walking up and down. No more," Alvarez added. The arraignment of the arrested man Peroza was pending.

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 Who is Luis Peroza? Suspect nabbed in shocking assault on 90-yr-old candy store owner Ray Alvarez