Who is Lizbeth Meredith? The TRUE STORY behind Lifetime movie 'Stolen By Their Father'

Lifetime's movie 'Stolen By Their Father' follows real-life incidents and is inspired by Lizbeth's memoir

                            Who is Lizbeth Meredith? The TRUE STORY behind Lifetime movie 'Stolen By Their Father'
Lizbeth Meredith (Twitter)

Lifetime is all set to release a new thriller movie titled 'Stolen By Their Father' this weekend. But do you know the inspiration behind the movie?

'Stolen By Their Father' is based on author Lizbeth Meredith's memoir and follows her real-life story. The storyline of the movie is centred around Lizbeth Meredith, who left no stone unturned to bring her daughters safely back home. Surprisingly her daughters were kidnapped by their own father and Meredith's abusive ex-husband. He continuously threatened to kill her if she made any wrong moves or took any step against him. Lizbeth Meredith's memoir was titled 'Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters.' If you are curious to know more about the story behind the movie, read on. Also, you can add other movies based on true events to your watchlist like 'Girl in the Shed: Kidnapping of Abby Hernandez' and 'Single Black Female.' 


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The description of the Amazon bestseller book reads, "Pieces of Me recounts Lizbeth's struggle to bring home her internationally abducted daughters from Greece to Alaska. It's the story of a 29-year-old woman whose own life was marked by family violence and childhood kidnapping who then faced her own $100,000 problem on a $10 an hour budget." It further states," It's the story of the generous community in Anchorage, Alaska, and of a welcoming community in Greece who joined Lizbeth's efforts to make the impossible a reality."

Who is Lizbeth Meredith?

Lizbeth Meredith is an award-winning author from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Apart from being a great writer, she is also a speaker, podcaster and online marketing teacher. Meredith holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in psychology. Meredith also has experience working as a child abuse investigator, domestic violence advocate, and retired juvenile probation supervisor. She was born to two high school dropouts who got divorced before she was born. While growing up, Meredith suffered from child abuse, poverty and sibling separation. Today, Lizbeth is happily reunited with her children and living her best life. In a recent tweet, she wrote: "Tickled to be joined by my grown little ones and my grandcat at today's market!"


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