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Who is Kevin Montgomery? Uncle of missing Harmony launches GoFundMe after monster dad's arrest

Kevin has set up a GoFundMe page, offering reward money to anyone who can locate Harmony
Adam Montogomery is Harmony's biological father and took her custody in February 2019 (Jason Law Boston 25/Facebook and Manchester NH Police)
Adam Montogomery is Harmony's biological father and took her custody in February 2019 (Jason Law Boston 25/Facebook and Manchester NH Police)

Missing Harmony Montgomery's case has taken shocking turns ever since she was reported missing. The latest development in the case is that Harmony's biological father, Adam Montgomery, has been arrested and charged with abusing the 7-year-old, who was last seen two years ago. Her stepmother Kayla has also been charged with using her for food-stamp benefits even though she was not living with the kid.

Harmony’s uncle, Kevin Montgomery, is enraged with authorities moving “two years too late". Referring to a call he made to the state’s child welfare agency in 2019, Kevin told The Daily Beast, "Why weren’t charges filed back then? These charges stem from 2019 and that is my problem. We are where we are now because nobody took what we were saying seriously.”


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Kevin has set up a GoFundMe page, offering reward money to anyone who can locate Harmony. "My 7-year-old niece harmony Montgomery is missing my whole family is hurting over this we're asking for the publics help to offer someone reward money if they know the where abouts of harmony so I'm asking please and thank you," the page reads. Till the writing of this article, $295 USD had been raised of the $25,000 goal.

The father of 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery has been arrested and charged in connection with her disappearance. Adam Montgomery, 31, has been charged with a second-degree felony assault charge, two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child, and one misdemeanor count of interference with custody.

According to New Hampshire prosecutors, Adam knowingly caused bodily injury to Harmony by "striking her in the face" back in July 2019. He also knowingly concealed her from the state's Division of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF), and also "refused to provide the Manchester Police Department information leading to the whereabouts" of the girl, court documents stated.

In July 2019, Adam allegedly struck Harmony and gave her a black eye. When asked about when he saw her for the last time, he gave conflicting accounts, according to a redacted police affidavit filed on Wednesday, January 5. Bail documents state that Adam, who is being represented by a state court-appointed attorney, is in custody at present. 

“It’s all disgusting,” Kevin said. “Everything about this is horrible because my niece is missing. I love the police and think they are focusing on finding Harmony, but to know that charges are being filed for things that happened years ago? We’re way behind.”

As per the arrest affidavit against Adam, Kevin called DCYF “with concern for [Harmony’s] injury” after he found the child with a black eye. According to prosecutors, Adam admitted to hitting the child to Kevin, justifying his act saying he punished her after he left his​​ daughter “in charge of watching her infant brother while Adam was in the bathroom” and later found the baby crying. Kevin claimed that no action was taken after he reported the incident to DCYF. “I said in 2019 that I thought Harmony should be out of Adam’s custody,” Kevin said. "The main concern was keeping her safe.”

Adam took custody of Harmony in February 2019. The Sun reported that Harmony's biological mother, Crystal Sorey, became concerned about her daughter's safety and called Manchester police on November 11, 2021. Sorey told police that she saw Harmony for the last time in the background of an Easter 2019 Facetime call with Adam. Adam later cut ties with Sorey and the family. He allegedly imposed severe punishments on Harmony when she was five, including "bashing her around the house" and forcing her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush. During a drug relapse, Adam allegedly made Harmony stand in the corner for hours. He is also accused of once shooting a man in the head, and was subsequently jailed.

Harmony, from Manchester, New Hampshire, was last seen in October 2019, but she was reported missing only in December 2021. Harmony, who is blind in one eye, was last seen when she was 5 years old. Harmony Montgomery's mysterious disappearance was not reported by her family. Rather, police learned about her through the Division of Children Youth and Families in New Hampshire, after several people filed missing complaints about her. 

“I want to make it clear that my biggest concern right now is finding Harmony,” Kevin said. “But I believe that we are not finding her, if at all. But not alive. That’s what I believe. I would love to be wrong, though.”