Kamarie Holland: Alabama girl, 5, sold as sex slave by mom was choked to death by abuser

Kamarie Holland, 5, was recently found dead in an abandoned home in Phenix City and now it has come to light that Kristy Siple sold her daughter

                            Kamarie Holland: Alabama girl, 5, sold as sex slave by mom was choked to death by abuser
Kamarie Holland (M) was sold by Kristy Siple (L) and killed by Jeremy Williams (R) (Russell County Sheriff's Office, Columbus Police Department and Twitter/@901Lulu)

PHENIX CITY, ALABAMA: Kamarie Holland, a little girl of five, was recently found dead in an abandoned home in Phenix City, Alabama. A 37-year-old suspect – Jeremy Tremain Williams – was subsequently nabbed and taken into custody. New details in the case have now emerged, revealing that the girl's mother, Kristy Marie Siple, 35, had sold her daughter as a sex slave.

The disturbing details come three weeks after Siple teared up in front of local news cameras, claiming that she woke up on December 13 and found the door to her Columbus house open. She said that she found her daughter was missing. However, documents have now revealed otherwise. "She did agree with another person to pay her for having sexual intercourse and sodomy with her minor daughter,’’ a warrant states.


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Holland’s father issued a statement to WRBL after Siple's arrest. "The amount of pain Kristy has caused by ripping Kamarie out of our lives will never cease," Corey Holland said. "We are glad to see that she has been arrested. We are one step closer to justice for Kamarie. It’s our hope that justice is served. Kristy should receive whatever the maximum penalty she can get."

"She’s a monster. A real mother protects and would die for her children. Kristy is a monster. My family and I will continue to wrestle with the loss of losing our angel Kamarie. We will ask that you continue to make your news about her and the justice she deserves," the statement reads.

Williams has been charged with capital murder of a child under the age of 14 over Holland’s death. He could be facing additional counts too, authorities have said. Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor previously said that Williams has a lengthy history of alleged crimes against children. He was charged with child abuse in 2009 in Phenix City, but later acquitted by a jury in 2012. He was charged with child abuse in Columbus, and is also the suspect in the murder of a one-year-old boy in Alaska, for which he was never formally charged.

As per warrants against both Williams and Siple, Holland died by asphyxiation from a ligature. After the child was found dead across the lines, Siple delivered a tearful performance, telling WTVM that she had nothing to do with the crime. She claimed that although Kamarie Holland was staying with her at the time of her disappearance, her daughter’s father, Corey Holland, had custody. "I’m a mommy. I did not have nothing to do with this," Siple had said. "She was my life. I lived for her daily. She was my only girl. I have 3 boys and her."