Who is Karina See Her? Minnesota woman, 40, shot ex-husband dead and buried body in a shed

Who is Karina See Her? Minnesota woman, 40, shot ex-husband dead and buried body in a shed
Karina See Her, 40, killed her husband Kou Yang, 50, and buried his body in their backyard (Courtesy: Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office)

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA: A woman from Minnesota woman who was living with her estranged husband is accused of fatally shooting him in the head and hiding his body beneath a shed.

Karina See Her, 40, was arrested on Saturday, July 31, in St. Paul after the body of her missing husband, Kou Yang, 50, was found covered in "some type of material" beneath a newly built shed, according to a criminal complaint. Yang’s corpse was discovered by the police weeks after a neighbor called cops in early July 2021 to report a nasty smell emanating from Her’s backyard garden, saying it had continued for about a week, the complaint states. A 911 caller then asked for a welfare check for Yang on July 22, 2021 saying he had not been found in several weeks. Her, who lived in the same house with Yang despite filing for divorce, also called St. Paul police the same day to say she has not seen him since July 1, according to the complaint.


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Yang’s 17-year-old stepdaughter also called the police department to report that she suspected Her killed him while sharing a text message she received from her 12-year-old sister, the complaint stated. The stepdaughter said that her younger sister had indicated that she and Her drove to an area around 45 miles north, where Her took out a bag which had a long object and dropped it somehwhere near Taylor Falls. The 17-year-old stated that she believed Yang was buried in the garden, noting it was "entirely out of character" for her stepfather to be away from home for more than one or two days, according to the complaint. She also added when Yang did leave, he always took his truck, which was still in the driveway. She further explained that when she came home on July 2, 2021 a hole had been dug where plants had previously been in the backyard. A tarp or similar piece of fabric covered the hole and the girl said she did not look underneath. In the following days, Her built a shed over the hole. 

Duirng the interrogation, Her said she didn’t know where Yang was, while saying that he may have gone to Oklahoma in their RV because Her had threatened to get a protection order in place because she was scared of him. Her and Yang had consented to a divorce, but were living together until the house could be sold. Her went on to claim the hole in the yard was from a tree stump she removed. She also blamed the bad smell on the property on pigeons that were kept in a nearby coop and said that she left a bag of food in the wooded area in Taylor Falls, according to the report.

The investigators went to Her’s home with a cadaver dog that responded to the shed’s handle and door, the complaint shows. It was there that the Yang's remains were discovered beneath the shed. According to the medical report of Yang's body, he was shot twice in the back of the head. Cops also found blood on a bedroom wall that was recently painted inside the couple’s residence as well as in the garage and laundry room.

Her was taken into custody on suspicion of murder, St. Paul police said. Her was charged with second-degree intentional murder on Monday, August 2,. She remains jailed on $2 million bail ahead of a court appearance on Tuesday, August 3.

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