Headless body of woman with hands and feet chopped off discovered by workers on Baltimore street

Headless body of woman with hands and feet chopped off discovered by workers on Baltimore street
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: In a gruesome case, a woman's headless corpse was found by two workers on a dead-end street in Baltimore, according to the Department of Police. The dismembered body, which was also missing feet and hands was discovered on Monday, November 30, at Monda in the city’s Morrell Park section.

The workers who discovered the body spotted it from a nearby sink distributor when they were surveying the company's properties after which they called 911 to report the hideous scenario. According to a news report by the Baltimore Sun, the corpse was found beneath “some type of tarp”, said a police source. An investigation into the “suspicious death” by homicide detectives is ongoing on December 2, Wednesday, the police told The Post.

“The remains were transported to a medical examiner’s office and investigators are awaiting a cause of death determination,” said Nicole Monroe, a police spokeswoman. The body had sustained trauma, Monroe said, adding that it’s possible the injuries occurred post-mortem. “We need to find out exactly what occurred and detectives are working tirelessly to figure it out,” she said.

One of the workers who made the disturbing discovery said he and his boss weren’t sure of what they stumbled upon at first. “It was very surprising – sort of surreal,” Rob Batzri, an operations manager for the sink distributor, told the Baltimore Sun. “It looked like it had been there for a while, or someone had recently come and dropped it off.”

The dead body was found in an area along a dead-end street in southwest Baltimore, which was overgrown with weeds and brush previously before it was recently cleared out, The Sun reported.

As soon as the news made its way to Twitter, people started reacting to it, as one Internet user said, "Baltimore is too crazy like how tf y’all have find a headless body and it was a WOMAN!" Another shared the news saying, "Omg! This is right between my Grandmother & step fathers houses. It’s so sad seeing how bad the neighborhoods that I grew up in have gotten. Headless body of woman found in Southwest Baltimore; hands, feet also missing - Baltimore Sun"





While one sarcastically wrote, "Just a normal day in Charm City////Headless body also missing hands, feet found on dead-end street in Baltimore; police launch investigation | Fox News," another shared the news article and said, "2020 has been one of those roller coasters rides you just cannot wait to get off smh"




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