Who is Julia Rose? Porn influencer held for changing Hollywood sign to HOLLYBOOB to protest Instagram's nudity rules

The famous sign in Los Angeles read 'Hollyboob' for sometime after the trespassers put giant 'B' tarps over the 'W' and the 'D' in the sign

                            Who is Julia Rose? Porn influencer held for changing Hollywood sign to HOLLYBOOB to protest Instagram's nudity rules
Julia Rose (Twitter: @JuliaRose_33) and the changed sign (Twitter: @tweetsauce)

MTV reality star Julia Rose was arrested along with several others for changing the famous "Hollywood" sign in Los Angeles to read "Hollyboob" by putting giant "B" tarps over the "W" and the "D" in the sign. The alterations were removed by park rangers, and 27-year-old, Rose, who appeared on MTV's 'Are You The One?' took credit for it on Twitter.

Six people were arrested for the act, according to ABC7. The sign is protected with gates and sensors and entering the property is considered trespassing. LAPD commanding officer Steve Lurie tweeted of the incident, "A few hours ago, a group attempted to vandalize the Hollywood sign. Los Angeles landmarks are precious to those of us @LAPDHollywood and this was way uncool (not to mention the terrain is quite steep & dangerous). Hollywood patrol officers have arrested all six individuals."



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According to TMZ, the illegal stunt was apparently a move to raise breast cancer awareness. Rose tweeted during the stunt, Guys.... I finally fixed the Hollywood Sign #hollyboob." She later tweeted a video of her getting arrested, writing, "That one time I changed the Hollywood sign to #hollyboob."




Who is Julia Rose?

The Instagram model is no stranger to breast-related publicity stunts. In 2019, Rose and Lauren Summer were caught on camera flashing Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole. The incident was also justified as an attempt to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it was in violation of MLB's rules and both Rose and Summer were handed lifelong bans, preventing them from ever attending games or events.

Larry Brown Sports reported that Rose was the founder and CEO of SHAGMAG, according to an email from Stephen McHugh, a co-founder of the magazine described as "the millennial version of Playboy." According to McHugh, the digital magazine "features Julia Rose every month along with another famous influencer, creator, or model.”


On MTV's 'Are You The One?', she was linked to Stephen McHugh, her co-founder, however, they were determined to not be a perfect match, but continued to be together. She found her perfect match with Cam Brukcman, but the two did not pursue a relationship. Rose was also linked with YouTuber, Jake Paul and they were on-again-off-again through much of 2020, however, the relationship camp to an end for good by the end of the year. According to Pop Culture, Rose claims that she has one of the most reported accounts on social media, and her account is often suspended, as her Instagram account is suspended at the time of reporting. She then created another account, writing on Twitter, "Come hang with me today on my new IG: its_juliaroseee."


Rose's latest stunt with the "Hollyboob" sign was pulled off with the help of YouTube prankster Jack Tenney, who was also arrested. She told Daily Mail that she orchestrated the stunt in protest over censorship following the suspension of her Instagram account. She told the publication, "This was to show them that I still have a voice. My business for Shagmag with almost one million followers also got disabled this year due to nudity, but I'm not doing anything more than what Playboy is doing so I think they're discriminating against my accounts."

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