Instagram models banned from MLB for life after flashing World Series pitcher their breasts paid $80K for tickets

Instagram models banned from MLB for life after flashing World Series pitcher their breasts paid $80K for tickets
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Julia Rose, one of the three World Series flashers who exposed themselves during Game 5 between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals has just revealed the publicity stunt was nearly a year in the making and cost them more than $80,000.

Rose was accompanied by Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren in their risque flashing stunt which grabbed international headlines and drew sizeable traffic to their sexually charged digital magazine Shagmag. According to Rose, it was not just a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Speaking to Complex, Rose revealed the cost of tickets for their entourage was close to $US80,000. But she insisted the publicity the trio gained from their unabashed act was worth every penny, despite being banned from all future Major League Baseball games.

The models picked a baseball game for their stunt owing to the popularity of Major League Baseball online as well as on national television. And they were right, it certainly captured the attention of millions, especially Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole.


“We made eye contact (with Cole) for sure,” Rose said. “It (baseball) is one of the best sports with the most coverage. You know where the cameras are most of the time. Personally, I’m a huge football fan, but when it comes to football, you know it’s almost impossible to get on camera."

“So we knew the cameras and where they’d be, and it’s the kind of just go for it type thing with baseball," she added. Rose, Summer, and Lauren were warned beforehand not to try any funny business after taking their seats.

However, the trio was prepared for everything -- even the possibility of getting arrested and sent to jail. Fortunately for them, they managed to get away without spending any time behind bars.

“As we are taking that photo, there’s (sic) two security guards trying to pull us back, but we knew that, like, you can’t get really hands-on, so we’ve just tried ignoring them,” Rose said. “But they radioed for back-up. Back-up came and then they ended up escorting us back up and waited, and then cops showed up, and security showed up, and we were escorted by five security guards down to MLB jail, I guess you could say."


The trio was then detained for two hours and subsequently handed the letter stating they were banned from the stadium for five years and from all MLB events indefinitely. “We were prepared for anything. We knew, worst-case scenario, we were going to get arrested," she continued. "We were like, ‘Everyone make sure you eat and go to the bathroom before we do this because you don’t know when the next time you’ll be able to pee is going to be’."

“We thought maybe a fine. Me, I honestly didn’t expect to be banned from life from all MLB events. I did not expect that one. But, I mean, I guess it comes with this," Rose concluded.


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