Who is Jonathan Coyle? Eva Marie's fitness coach husband backed her when she was suspended from WWE in 2016

Eva Marie confirmed her return to WWE ring, saying, 'This is Eva-lution'

                            Who is Jonathan Coyle? Eva Marie's fitness coach husband backed her when she was suspended from WWE in 2016
Eva Marie and Jonathan Coyle tied the knot in 2014 (Instagram)

Rumors about Eva Marie's return to WWE have been doing rounds for months, but on May 3, during the Monday Night 'Raw', it was finally confirmed that "All Red Everything" was on her way back to the ring. Marie appeared in a video, saying the "Eva-lution" would be coming to WWE soon. Marie, who is married to Jonathan Coyle, announced her departure from WWE, back in 2017.

“Do I have your attention?” Marie asked in the video. “I’ve been thinking about where I’ve been and where I’m going. Do I have your attention now? Good. You know, on the road of life there are twists and turns, and I’ve always tried to be the one in control of my own life and the independence that comes with it, but part of that is giving back. Now I have your attention. I want to be someone others look up to, I want to influence others to go after their own ambitions like I did. So, I’m back to where my journey started. This is Eva-lution," she added.


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Marie got suspended by the WWE back in mid-2016 because of a Wellness Policy violation and promptly stopped appearing on WWE TV. Thirteen months later she confirmed that she was no longer in the company, but two years later she started saying in interviews that she was in negotiations with the promotion. On August 4, 2017, Marie took to Twitter to announce her departure from the company. "Today I'm saying a bittersweet goodbye to WWE. Thanks to the entire team, and YOU [sic], my fans, for these [four] years!" she wrote. Since she is no longer under contract with the WWE, she was also removed from Total Divas.


Born on September 19, 1984, Natalie Marie Coyle, professionally known as Natalie Eva Marie, joined the WWE family in 2013. In 2013, she signed a contract with WWE and was assigned to WWE's Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where she began her training. In July 2013, she made her main roster debut under the ring name Eva Marie and became the manager of The Bella Twins. Not just that, she also joined the cast of the reality TV show 'Total Divas'. In the show, Marie's husband Jonathan Coyle also appeared with her.

Who is Jonathan Coyle?

Eva Marie tied the knot with Jonathan Coyle on August 21, 2014. After almost a month, on October 26, 2014, fans finally watched the couple's wedding on their reality show 'Total Divas'. Addressing Marie as her wife Coyle then wrote: "My #wife @natalieevamarie is the, kindest, hardest working, most loyal woman I know. What she has accomplished in all aspects of her life is truly unbelievable. She is an embodiment of “Do your best and let God handle the rest.” Her faith, kindness, and relentless pursuit of her goals make me the proudest man in the world to call her my wife. Fun Fact: I didn’t know her REAL age till after we were engaged."






Coyle proposed to Marie after only knowing her for a few months. The couple met for the first time when she joined him for a CrossFit workout. Coyle said in an interview, “It was like I walked into a dream, I had never seen anything so beautiful. Love at first sight is the cheesiest thing until it happens to you. My buddy asked, ‘Who is that?!?’ I answered without even thinking, ‘That’s my wife.'”




Previously on a March 2014 episode of the show, Marie told the other divas that she eloped with Coyle, when it came down to telling her brothers, mother and fathers, the reaction was less than favorable. She also revealed that the men in her family barely wanted to speak to her when they heard about the news and it took a lot of talking to smooth things over.



In 2016 when Marie was suspended from the WWE for a Wellness Policy Violation. Coyle defended her and tweeted: “When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming soon.” Later, the tweet was deleted. Rolling Stone reported that the suspension was over her late paperwork, disclosing an Adderall prescription.



Coyle, a fitness coach and actor, has attended California Polytechnic State Institute, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in degree in history. He later attended Hope International University, where he earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and law school at Western State University. Coyle has his own professional website and is a fitness model. His website bio reads: "Jonathan has recently taken the extreme fitness world by storm. He has one goal and one goal only, to forever destroy the current concept of what it is to be fit. His philosophy that functional movement trumps purely aesthetic oriented workouts defies the current norms of the fitness industry. His unique workouts, diet plans, philosophy and unrelenting determination to be a catalyst for change have caused the fitness world to take notice."

Raised in both San Francisco Bay Area and Dublin, Ireland, Coyle holds dual Irish and American citizenship. Coyle comes from an Irish and Lebanese background. Coyle has been involved in ad campaigns with Nike, Iron Fist Athletic and Vanguard MMA. He has appeared in a few magazines, including UFC Magazine, UFC Fit and UFC 360. Coyle has also appeared in, 'Adriane's Truth' (2014) 

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