Who is Sechkies' Jang Su Won engaged to? YG Ent calls it 'precious occurrence of fate'

Who is Sechkies' Jang Su Won engaged to? YG Ent calls it 'precious occurrence of fate'
Jang Su Won is a member of K-pop boy band Sechskies (Jang Sun Won Instagram)

Jang Su Won, the member of K-pop boyband Sechskies, is finally engaged as his label, YG Entertainment, shares the good news with fans. The entertainment mogul revealed that the K-pop star plans to get married urging fans to 'watch over them with warmth.' Jang Sun Won previously dated a 13 years younger college student from 2015 but the couple split up in 2018.

YG Entertainment put out an official statement saying,  "Jang Su Won has encountered a precious occurrence of fate and is seeing this person seriously, with marriage in mind. We would be thankful if you could watch over them with warmth so that the two can bring beautiful news." Jang Su Won also had a message for his ardent followers where he said, "I would have liked to tell our fans, who is always a great source of strength for us, so not being able to do that is disappointing; still, I am happy to be able to deliver positive news."


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Who is Jang Su Won engaged to?

Jang Su Won who had a somewhat public relationship with his former girlfriend has kept the details of his fiancee private. According to an AllKpop report, Jang Su Won's partner belongs to the same industry as him. She works as a high-profile stylist for the A-listers celebrities. The K-pop star, joyous to share the news with fans stated, "Because many are still facing difficulty due to COVID-19, it is not the right time to bring up any specific plans. I do hope that I can deliver good news again in the future. Once again, I would like to thank our fans for always."



Suwon fans, happy with the news have taken to Twitter to pour their love for the star. Suwon, 40, as a member of one of the pioneering K-pop bands Sechskies, has got fandom support for almost two decades now. Here's what fans said about the 'One Shot' member finally getting married. "Congrats oppa! Jaejin and Suwon are getting married, Jiwon leadernim has his video games, and Jaeduk has Tony from HOT. As long as my boys are happy, I’m happy!", a fan gushed. Another fan noted, Oh... Finally he found someone stay beside him!" 





Sechskies who debuted in 1997 and disbanded in 2000 found their new footing with YG Entertainment in 2016. The group released their latest single 'Don't Look Back' in February 2021. The single reached number 1 real-time in Genie and Bugs music chart within hours of the song's release. Check out the single here.


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