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Who is Geege Taylor? 'Leave It To Geege' star talks about demystifying autism

'It's very easy to judge a situation from the outside, so I hope that the show helps to demystify the unknowns,' said Geege Taylor
Geege Taylor (Instagram)
Geege Taylor (Instagram)

Lifetime is all set to bring something different and new this time with its upcoming show 'Leave It To Geege'. 'Leave It To Geege', which is produced by the Emmy-winning producers of 'World of Wonder', revolves around Geege Taylor.

In the show, Geege will be seen with her daughter Harper and son Pootie, who is non-verbal and autistic. The show will also feature Geege's boyfriend Mark and her mother Puddin Tayler, who works with autistic people and helps in Pootie's communication.


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Who is Geege Taylor? 

Geege Taylor is a mother and an author. In addition, she is advocating autism and intends to work and create a different environment where every child with autism is loved and welcomed. She is a single mother with double divorce and a breast cancer survivor too. With her first-hand experience with a 19-year-old autistic son Pootie, she is well experienced and knows all the ways for raising an autistic child. Geege Taylor is very active on her Instagram handle and she updates every sneak peek of her happy family. 


Geege posts several pictures and videos of her son's day-to-day activities on her Instagram handle. The 'Leave It To Geege' star recently spoke up to Lifetime channel about autism. When asked about the biggest misconception of raising a child with autism, she said, "As far as Pootie is concerned, I think some people doubt that he could have a full life because he is autistic. This couldn't be further from the truth. He has meaningful relationships and celebrates accomplishments every day."

"There are loads of misconceptions about raising a child with autism, such as it's too hard and takes over your life. Yes, raising Pootie can be challenging and navigating the unknown can be stressful," she added.


Talking about one of her favorite memories, she said that simple ones are always the best ones. She recalled the time when Harper and Pootie were dancing outside after school. Along with their happy dance, they enjoyed decaf coffees and listened to Usher on an old boom box. She always misses the little memories of her life. 


Talking about her upcoming Lifetime show, she said, 'It's very easy to judge a situation from the outside, so I hope that the show helps to demystify the unknowns and eradicated prejudices surrounding autism and other marginalized population." With this show, she will navigate and give tips to raise an autistic child while maintaining the balance of happiness in life.

'Leave It To Geege' will be airing on January 12, 2022, at 10 pm EST.