Who is Captain Insano? Paul Wight revives fictional pro wrestler for AEW, fans say 'he really did it'

Who is Captain Insano? Paul Wight revives fictional pro wrestler for AEW, fans say 'he really did it'
Paul Wight revives the fictional character called Captain Insano after two decades for The Acclaimed's music video (Twitter/@Bowens_Official)

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS:  A long-gone but not forgotten character has found its way back on the surface and the fans cannot help but thank Paul Wight, affectionately known as The Big Show. Wight, who was a cast member in the 1998 movie 'The Waterboy' starring Adam Sandler played the role of Captain Insano. After 24 years the fans got to see the fictional character once again and they are thankful to the WWE legend for making it happen. 

A scene from the classic Adam Sandler comedy was recreated in the music video by The Acclaimed titled 'A Hand For A Hand' in which Anthony Bowens and Max Caster appear as commentators interviewing Insano backstage. After AEW, All Elite Wrestling acquired the copyright to Captain Insano back in 2021, it was said that Wight and Tony Khan, President of AEW, wants to bring back the character. Wight told Wrestling Inc back in July, "He'll [Captain Insano] be back. The guy who wrote The Waterboy has approved. Tony Khan and I have secured the rights to Captain Insano. There's already an outfit made, the whole nine yards. We're doing a lot of prep work, and this will be my last hoorah so to speak." AEW took to their Twitter to share the news writing, "#TheAcclaimed drops their latest music video "A Hand For A Hand" RIGHT NOW! It’s #AEWDynamite LIVE on @TBSNetwork!"


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Who is Captain Insano?

Captain Insano is a fictional character that debuted in 'The Waterboy' starring Adam Sandler and has not been on the screen for more than two decades. Insano was a persona created by the well-known pro wrestler Paul Wight, popularly known as the Big Show - a major part of Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment. It has been a fan favorite especially due to its funny aspect and the fact that the Big Show was seen in that color. The news of bringing Insano is a delight for Wight's fans.


Fans are stoked as Paul Wight brings back Captain Insano 

One user wrote, "I remember that! It's from the movie called The Waterboy I grew up watching! Paul and The Acclaimed, thank you for the music video and the amazing throwback!" Another user tweeted, "He really did it. Jesus. Tony really is just playing with action figures. Awesome" One more user wrote, "A Captain Insano cameo was not on my end of the year bingo card but I’m here for it. #AEWDynamite"




One user tweeted, "“Strong words from a strong man, Captain Insano.” Captain Insano is back and ready to show No Mercy! #AEWDynamite #CaptainInsano" Another user tweeted, "Now that Captain Insano has made his long-awaited return to professional wrestling (almost 24 years to the day), I would love for @Jazwares to create an action figure of Captain Insano complete with cape and laughing head sculpt. @AEWGames @PaulWight #AEWDynamite @AEW" One more user tweeted, "2022 HAS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF WRESTLING EVER. CAPTAIN INSANO IS BACK! #AEWDynamite"




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