Who is Calvin Upshaw? 'American Idol' fans say he sounded 'terrible' and didn't deserve the golden ticket

Previously incarcerated and not being able to take care of his son weighed heavy on Calvin and his emotions struck a chord with the judges but fans think he didn't deserve the golden ticket

                            Who is Calvin Upshaw? 'American Idol' fans say he sounded 'terrible' and didn't deserve the golden ticket
Calvin Upshaw on 'American Idol' (ABC)

A lot of talented hopeful singers waiting to find their footing in the music world make a beeline to the 'American Idol' auditions. Calvin Upshaw auditioned for the Season 19 of the show and his emotional tryout left the judges in tears. His voice surely was not ready for a competition this huge and his emotion too got the better of him at one point during his performance. 

“That voice crack was not a vocal crack, that was a feeling crack,” Lionel Richie said to Upshaw who was in tears and later went on to have a full-blown bawling session for a couple of minutes after performing an emotional rendition of 'Falling Out' by Calvin Richardson. It was a huge step for him, one requires a lot of bravery to leave a damaging past behind and try to get on to a better path and Upshaw was acing it. Having spent time in prison taught him a lot, most of it being how he didn't want to end up in the same place ever again and how he needed to be assured that he would be present in his eight-year-old son's life. 


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Lionel Richie offering a socially distanced handshake to Calvin Upshaw in 'American Idol' (ABC)

Upshaw's performance did have issues, however, the judges commended him for being vulnerable and opening up to them like he did and he walked out of the audition room with a golden ticket in hand and he will be seen in the Hollywood round. However, audiences of the show aren't happy about their decision. "#AmericanIdol can they get a refund on calvin," wrote a fan. "This is a JOKE! Calvin is NOT a good singer. #americanidol," tweeted another. "If Calvin goes to Hollywood it's a sympathy vote. #AmericanIdol" another tweet read. "I’m sorry but Calvin was a No for me. #AmericanIdol," wrote another fan. "Maybe it was just me but I thought Calvin sounded terrible #AmericanIdol" opined another fan on Twitter. 












Who is Calvin Upshaw ?

Upshaw is a 26-year-old Printer Line Manager from Marks, Mississippi Delta. "I broke a lot of people down and once you  hurt somebody, it affects you as well. When you break some hearts, it's not a good thing. So no matter what a person done, you gotta know how to bring them pieces together," Upshaw told the judges. "What you're carrying on your shoulders I can't even imagine," Lionel Richie said. Upshaw had been incarcerated in the past and he spent his time in prison bowing down to God and is now spending his life trying to set a good example for his son Calvin Jr. You can keep up with Upshaw and his son on his Facebook page. You can also find Upshaw on TikTok his handle is @osoplatinum



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