Who is Benson Boone? Here's why 'American Idol' contestant and TikTok star from Monroe could 'win' the season

Benson Boone had discovered singing last year and 'American Idol' was his first time singing with a mike but he had the judges completely floored with his perfect vocals

                            Who is Benson Boone? Here's why 'American Idol' contestant and TikTok star from Monroe could 'win' the season
Benson Boone makes an impact on 'American Idol' (ABC)

Update: Benson Boone is possibly no longer a part of the show anymore. He wasn't shown in the Hollywood rounds and there are chances that he got cut from 'American Idol'. We will update the story as and when we find out about the reason behind this.


'American Idol' contestant Benson Boone surprised judges when he first appeared for the auditions and told them that he'd just discovered singing last year. The 18-year-old said he was just bad at singing everything in his earlier years including the 'Happy Birthday' song, leaving the judges super confused about what to expect. 

Boone didn't come from a musical family but he was suddenly swooped into the world of music after he started sharing videos on TikTok where he is a notable star of sorts. Boone sang 'Punchline' by Aidan Martin and his voice took the judges — Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry — to another universe. 


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Who is Benson Boone?

Before beginning the performance, Boone was seen fidgeting with the mike a little bit and asked the judges if he sounded alright. Watching him do that to then hearing him perform the way he did was a journey of sorts for the judges — one which they were very happy to be on. He was the opening performance of the season and it doesn't take much to understand why the makers decided to kick things off with Boone.

He possesses one of the most impressive tones from a plethora of unique voices that are a part of the competition this year. After his auditions, Katy Perry told him that he needs to believe in himself more and if he did that, he could win the show. "You’re not cocky, you’re humble. You’re still in diapers, you’re a toddler when it comes to this world," Luke Bryan said impressed by Boone's simplicity. "They're gonna swoon over Benson Boone," Perry chimed in. 


Boone was a high school junior when he a friend asked him to play the piano and sing for “Battle of the Bands”. This is when he and his friends discovered that he could sing. Even though he came into the show not very aware of his talents but with the support of the judges and love from fans, Boone will hopefully be seen coming into his own and fully embracing the superstar life he is destined for.

If spoilers are to be believed, he has made it to the Top 24 line up and from there on it's the fans who will decide his fate in the show and it wouldn't be surprising if he ends up at the very top. If you need a refresh on his audition performance, check the video below. You can also keep up with him on Instagram, his handle is @bensonboone.


'American Idol' will now air twice a week on Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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