'American Idol' Season 19 Top 10 Full List: Chayce Beckham to Alyssa Wray here are the early predictions

Five weeks of auditions are over and it's time for Hollywood rounds. Here are the frontrunners for lifting the winning trophy and a recording contract.

                            'American Idol' Season 19 Top 10 Full List: Chayce Beckham to Alyssa Wray here are the early predictions
Chayce Beckham, Alyssa Wray in 'American Idol' (ABC)

'American Idol' Season 19 watchers, here's news for you. After a five-week-long audition phase, the show is entering its next phase with the Hollywood rounds that will air this Sunday night (March 21). The talent this year has topped the previous seasons, even the returning contestants for instance Zach D'onofrio have leveled up in terms of packaging and presenting their skills to the judges.

Speaking about the judges — Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan have agreed that the competition is very cutthroat this year. A lot of exceptionally talented singers, for instance, Jackson Snelling and the firefighter Jeremias Williams could not get a golden ticket but fans of the show rallied behind them and offered their support.


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Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan with host Ryan Seacrest in 'American Idol' (ABC)


Coming back to the competition, the Hollywood rounds will be followed by a few more till the semi-finalists are chosen and we've got the information about which singers will be making the top 24. Here's the list of the male singers - Benson Boone, Brennan Hepler (A.K.A. Beane), Caleb Kennedy, Cecil Ray Baker, Chayce Beckham, Colin Jamieson, DeShawn Goncalves, Graham DeFranco, Hunter Metts, Jason Warrior, Willie Spence, and finally Wyatt Pike.

The lineup of women contestants in the Top 24 includes Alana Sherman, Alanis Sophia, Alyssa Wray, Andrea Valles, Anilee List, Ava August, Casey Bishop, Cassandra Coleman, Grace Kinstler, Hannah Everhart, Madison Watkins, and MaryJo Young.

Jackson Snelling in 'American Idol' (ABC)


We've scoured the depths of social media over the past five weeks of auditions and judging by the response that the contestants have received as well as their strength as vocalists, we've put down the names of the contestants who have a huge possibility of making it to the top 10. Here are the early predictions, take a look.

Cecil Ray Baker

This 20-something singer who was branded as the "country Justin Bieber" by Katy Perry during the auditions is one to watch out for. His style can best be described as blues, classic rock, country, and bluegrass. "I think you are absolute perfection. Your voice is distinctive and really good enough to do well in this competition. You may be the best in the male country music slot (in the competition)," Luke Bryan said to the young musician. You can watch Cecil's audition here


Hannah Everhart

Remember Katy Perry's doppelganger from the South? Not only did she wow the judges and fans alike with her distinctive tone, but it was her simplicity that helped her capture the hearts of the people. Even though this 17-year-old left her town Canton and took a plane for the first time for the auditions, it would surely not be the last. Hannah might have realized now that she's a star and her run in the show is only going to continue opening up big doors if she keeps doing what she did during the auditions.


Anilee List

This Berklee School of Music student is truly gifted. Most of the time she has no control over her body and experiences facial and vocal tics because of Tourette's disorder. But it goes away when she's performing and her 'Idol' audition proved the same when she delivered the  "most technically perfect vocals" with "not one note off" according to Katy Perry. Anilee described her ability to control her tics while singing as her superpower and in case you missed it, you watch witness the same over here


Benson Boone

'American Idol' Season 19 opened with a big bang that was Benson Boone's performance. This teenager from Monroe, Washington didn't know he could sing till last year and the 'Idol' audition was the first time he was singing on a mike. Katy Perry and the rest of the judges couldn't stop gushing over his gifted voice and the former even went as further as telling him that he could be the winner of the season. Boone is a huge Tiktok star and he made it clear that he particularly stays away from posting "thirst traps" but you can listen to him sing over there and his 'Idol' audition video can be accessed here.


Chayce Beckham

This former bad boy has made a lot of wrong decisions in his life, hurt many people close to him, and admitted that he was about to lose his life during a drunk driving accident. But since then he's focused on doing the right things, one of it is listening to his family who wanted him to audition for 'Idol' and he was branded as the "heart of America" after he did so by Katy Perry.

“You sound like the heart of American, I think you’re a top five.” Perry said. Luke Bryan began clapping his hands in appreciation after the very first line that Chayce sang. “The reason why we sit in these chairs for long hours is because ‘American Idol’ is about finding a forklift driver,” Luke said. “You’re what this show is all about and you’re why I call home and tell my wife and people back home, ‘Wait till you see this one dude,’” he added. Watch Chayce's audition here.


Alyssa Wray

This 6 feet 2 inches tall singer from Perryville was branded 'Beyonce' by the judges. Such was the impact of Alyssa's performance that Lionel Richie was left sighing with happiness for a good thirty seconds, while the other two judges praised this purple-haired singer. She came from a town with a population of 750 people but the whole of 'American Idol' fandom is now introduced to the magic that she weaves with her vocals and she's one of the best in the competition. Watch her audition here.


Willie Spence

This young singer from Douglas, Georgia is what 'Idol' judges have been looking for, Lionel Richie said jumping in excitement as Willie finished covering Rihanna's 'Diamonds' during the audition. Willie works as a caretaker but music is his true passion and he sees himself holding a Grammy in the next five years.

“I just want my voice to reach the world and share my gift, hopefully, winning a Grammy one day. That’s where I see myself in 5 years. It’s going to take hard work, but I think I can do it," he said and Luke Bryan added that it is a totally attainable goal for him. Catch his audition here.


Cassandra Coleman 

Coleman not only looks like an angel but she also sings like one. Her voice has the ability to invoke feelings that exist in the deepest crevices of one's heart and will leave you missing your loved ones even more. She was a star even before she came on the show - Smule app hired her to do a whole cover and even shot a video with her after becoming aware of her stardom. 'Idol' catapulted her to an even bigger audience who readily become enamored with her and it wouldn't be surprising if she makes it to the top 5. Here is her audition video.


Deshawn Goncalves

Speaking of angels, Deshawn Goncalves from Ohio cannot be forgotten about. The judges were in a state of trance after his audition, "that was powerful. I needed you today," Lionel Richie said wiping away his tears. He also added "Just consider yourself hugged. I don't know where you came from. But I know God saw it fit to put you in front of us. I am very proud of you," he said. Katy Perry noted, "There is purity, there is a light about you when you are just singing, it's like you are an angel." You can catch up with the audition here.


Madison Watkins

This hair model's spunky personality was the highlight of the final audition episode of 'Idol' Season 19. Before auditioning for the show, she had given up many times because of self-worth issues. 'Idol' judges had the highest order of praise for her, saying that she ticked every box, singing wise. Madison was a singer-songwriter and Lionel Richie noted that there were many who auditioned with perfectly written songs but when it came to delivering it vocally, most of them failed. He was glad that Madison was a game-changer of sorts in that regard. You can access her audition here, in case you missed it the first time.


Grace Kinstler, Philip Murphy, Mary Jo Young, Casey Bishop, and Jason Warrior too stand a big chance to make it to the top in the competition and end up winning the title, the trophy as well as the recording contract with a label. 

'American Idol' airs every Sunday at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

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