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'Below Deck' Season 10: Who is Alissa Humber? Floridian gets caught in a problematic love triangle

Alissa Humber will be embroiled in drama with a different stew as the season goes on, according to BravoTV
 Alissa Humber will be joining the crew on Season 10 of 'Below Deck'  (alissaveronicaa/Instagram)
Alissa Humber will be joining the crew on Season 10 of 'Below Deck' (alissaveronicaa/Instagram)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: Floridian Alissa Humber will board the superyacht St David as a stewardess in the first episode of Season 10 of 'Below Deck.' Camille Lamb, deck/stew, and stew Hayley De Sola Pinto, will be her coworkers.

'Below Deck' Season 10 is gearing up to be one of the finest in the reality franchise's history, thanks to the inclusion of new cast members including Humber. The new season has been revamped with new cast members, a new boat and a new location, all of which add to the season's uniqueness. Humber, one of the new cast members viewers will get to see, is already gaining a lot of attention. Season 10 of 'Below Deck' also teases the return of stew-turned chief stew, Fraser Olender, Chef Rachel Hargrove and Captain Lee Rosbach.


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Who is Alissa Humber?

Humber is a Floridian who now resides in Miami. Unlike some of the more seasoned crew members, she has only been sailing for around two years. During that time, she slowly got more expertise by working as a stew aboard several ships on a temporary basis. She joined the cast of 'Below Deck' Season 10 to serve the charter guests and to ensure they enjoy their time onboard due to her devotion and desire for being one of the top stews. When Humber isn't working as a stew or feuding with a fellow cast member on 'Below Deck,' she's out shopping. She adores being in her city and is inspired by the Sunshine State's gorgeous and vibrant fashion displays. During the off-season, the stew also enjoys outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking.

Being a yachtie frequently requires displaying a little skin, which Humber doesn't mind because her Instagram is full of photographs of her flaunting her amazing physique. Nevertheless, her Instagram numbers are fairly low as compared to other cast members like 'Below Deck' veteran Chef Rachel, with roughly 2.5k followers and less than 100 posts. Nonetheless, her bio suggests her participation in Season 10 of 'Below Deck,' and fans are excited to see what the stew brings to the series.

Humber was greeted aboard the yacht by Olender in a video uploaded on Instagram. She admits that she had been in the profession for more than a year. She also claimed to have previously worked as a "second stew," which required "a lot of housekeeping."

When Fraser asked if she loves serving, she immediately says yes, before adding, "And the guests enjoy me, for some reason."

Later, aboard the boat, she informs the camera that her ultimate objective was "to make as much f*****g money as possible." She even claims that her goal is, "Meet as many high-end people as possible. Mooch of them and live their life." However, when a conflict emerges between Humber and another stew, tensions rise among the entire crew of the yacht.

Alissa Humber finds herself in a love triangle

Deckhand Katie Glaser said that her boatmance with bosun Ross McHarg has evolved into a love triangle with Humber, the second stew. The 'Below Deck' Season 10 trailer showed McHarg kissing many ladies on the boat, which put him in a lot of problems, according to Glaser. She described the boatmance as an exciting experience. "It was rocky! I felt like he was in the doghouse half the time," she said about McHagen to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. "Because his behavior got him in trouble half the time. There is definitely an interesting love triangle."

Having a boatmance is difficult enough, but Glaser was exasperated by Humber's interest in Ross. "I think with me having a boat romance with Ross … my hardest thing was dealing with Alissa … Ross, and Alissa," she said, adding, “So, not that she’s a terrible person, but when it comes to boat romances, I’m worried about myself, and she tries to take him from me.”


Season 10 of 'Below Deck' premieres on Monday, November 21, at 8/7c on Bravo.