'Below Deck': Rayna dubbed 'disgusting' for not apologizing to Wes for being racist

'Below Deck': Rayna dubbed 'disgusting' for not apologizing to Wes for being racist
'Below Deck' stars Rayna Lindsey and Wes O'Dell (Bravo)

All spotlight was on deckhand Rayna Lindsey during the 'Below Deck' Season 9 reunion. From calling out first officer Eddie Lucas for his poor leadership to chastising chief stew Heather Chase for using the "N- word", the deckhand didn't hold back her feelings. But when it was her turn to apologize to her fellow deckhand Wed O'Dell for the inappropriate remarks she made at him, Rayna sadly had nothing to say.

During the finale episode, things got pretty heated when Heather confronted Rayna for being cold to her despite accepting her apology. Rayna then revealed that she could never forgive Heather and began raging at everybody. Wes tried to calm the situation by pointing out to his co-worker that Heather's apology seemed to be sincere and maybe it was for her to let go off her anger towards the chief stew. Rayna got furious at Wes and snapped at him by declaring that he was just as White as the other crew members and declared that he wasn't Black. Wes was left feeling extremely hurt and upset by Rayna's remarks. Since reunion is the time for burying hatchets and clearing up the air, fans were hoping to see Rayna apologize to Wes and extend an olive branch, but unfortunately, it never materialized.


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Rayna Lindsey during 'Below Deck' Season 9 Reunion (Bravo)


One of the viewers sent in a question to Wes asking if he and Rayna had a discussion and cleared up the air. Wes admitted that he would like to discuss further in private with Rayna about her remarks. He also hoped that the exchange between Rayna and him would be a teachable moment for others on how not to treat a disenfranchised person. Rayna quietly listened to him but didn't issue an apology to him. Needless to say, this didn't sit well with fans as they felt that Wes was owed an apology for her hurtful and racist remarks.

A fan tweeted, "Of course Rayna didn’t think of apologizing to Wes. For her to go ham on Eddie for not considering her feelings and for her to refuse to the same for Wes is complete bs. She has a lot of growing up to do. #BelowDeck." Another fan wrote, "Sorry Wes is too nice and Rayna could learn a lesson about having some humility and learn how to carry yourself when situations occurs cause I am sure it won’t be the last time #belowdeck." "So Rayna never did apologize to Wes. Bad. #BelowDeck," added a fan. "Rayna didn’t even apologize to Wes for her racist and disrespectful comments. Disgusting. #BelowDeck," seconded a fan.






'Below Deck' star Wes O'Dell (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "This episode is gross. Everyone has taken responsibility for their actions except for Rayna, and no one is calling this out. #BelowDeck." Fans also called out the reunion host Andy Cohen for not trying to hold Rayna accountable for her behavior. A fan expressed, "What Rayna said to Wes about not being black was just as bad as Heather using the “n” word. Rayna doubled-down and really rubbed it into him that he’s not black all bc he didn’t back her up against Heather. WHY DIDN’T Andy ADDRESS THIS???!!! #BelowDeck." "It's unbelievable @andy isn't calling out Rayna for saying the things she said to Wes. She even brought his mother into it. She said during the season she was the only black person. She completely dismissed Wes. Not once did Andy ask her if she owed an apology #BelowDeck," echoed a fan.





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