Who is Alen Babic's fiancee Clara? Boxer proposes on air after winning fight and she says YES

Heavyweight Alen Babic won his bout against Mark Bennett and proposed to his girlfriend Clara during a live interview

                            Who is Alen Babic's fiancee Clara? Boxer proposes on air after winning fight and she says YES
Alen Babic with his fiancee Clara (YouTube/@DAZN Boxing)

Alen Babic, a fan favorite heavyweight boxer, won his bout at Matchroom Headquarters in Brentwood, England, on August 7 after stopping Mark Bennett after five rounds of battling. Alen Babic (8-0, 8 KOs) broke down and stopped Mark Bennett (7-2, 1 KO) in five rounds of heavyweight competition.

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Babic, a heavyweight with a persistent attack and a charming, witty, intense and likable personality, has evolved as something of a cult/folk hero for boxing fans. After his victory, he proposed to his girlfriend during the post-fight interview. Yes, said "Lady Savage."


Who is Alen Babic's girlfriend?

Babic prefers to keep his personal life private, so little is known about 'Lady Savage'. Whatever we do know about her is from the post-match interview when Babic called his girlfriend. A tall brunette wearing a mustard-colored dress came into the frame. We got to know that her name is Clara and it was also revealed that it was her birthday. "Clara, happy birthday," he said, giving her a peck on the cheek. "Look at her, she's so beautiful. She's not taller than me, but she has high heels," he added. 

He then turned her towards the screen and asked her to look at it while he took something out of his pocket. The screen read "Lady Savage...Will you marry the Savage?" She then turned around and saw Babic kneeling on the floor with an engagement ring, packed in a red box. "It would be my greatest honor," said Babic. He then let out a gentle laugh as he said "I love this girl." He then looked around to ask which finger the ring goes on, as the reporter said 'the other one', prompting Babic to put the ring on Clara's left ring finger. "It fits!" he cried out, which made her laugh. They then shared a long kiss.

When asked about how she felt, Clara said it was 'totally expected'. "I used to think about how it's going to look, and this is something I never imagined you know. And it's beautiful, I just can't describe how I feel," the tall brunette clad in a mustard-colored gown said. She was almost in tears when she said, "I am so happy for him. Because he worked so hard for this, and he had such a hard life and now it all pays off." She said that she was "so proud of him" and that "he deserves so much more, and he's going to show it to the world."

Babic declared that he wants to have her for the rest of his life so he's decided to do this. "Because I am a bit too much of a hopeless romantic, so sorry!" he added. Fans commented on the big reveal. "Babic has the heart of a lion, we just didn't realise it was a big soft fluffy one Congratulations," said one. A fan on Twitter said, "Alen Babic has just proposed to his girlfriend (now fiancée) during his post-fight interview in Eddie Hearn's back garden. We've genuinely seen it all now!" Another said, "Babic porposed to his girlfriend after the fight haha what a baller, you did good ALEN she's way out of your league." One more said, "Oh my god, Alen Babic just proposed to his girlfriend live on TV! How can you not like this man? #FightCamp."




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