Who is Viviane Obenauf? Female boxer accused of bludgeoning husband, 61, to death just months after wedding

The 34-year-old was reportedly taken into custody after her husband died due to a 'sustained violent assault'

                            Who is Viviane Obenauf? Female boxer accused of bludgeoning husband, 61, to death just months after wedding
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A female professional boxer has been arrested for allegedly beating her husband to death. Viviane Obenauf from Brazil is accused of beating her 61-year-old Swiss hotelier husband, identified as Thomas, to death in his restaurant Des Alpes at Interlaken in Switzerland on October 19. The 34-year-old was reportedly taken into custody and is being probed after her husband died due to a “sustained violent assault”. It has been said that Obenauf allegedly used “a blunt object” to hit the victim.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, the bruiser reportedly played football in her younger days. She was also an Olympic gymnast before deciding to box at the age of 18. After fighting three world title bouts during her career and holding a 14-6 record and two World Boxing Federation international titles, Obenauf retired in 2019. She and her husband -- who was a well-known proprietor in Interlaken -- exchanged vows in January this year only. Martin Soche, a friend of Obenauf's husband, who reportedly was one of the few people who last saw the victim alive, said: “He was easy to get along with and worked with passion. I had borrowed glasses from him for a birthday party and had to bring them back. Then we had another beer together. And now he's just not there anymore. It has shaken everyone up."

A person who was involved in a relationship with Obenauf in the past told local media that the accused "always had two faces," before referring to her temperament as "like flicking a switch.” Recalling a incident, the bricklayer and bodybuilder said: “It was Good Friday, and for once we wanted to drink some red wine to celebrate the day.” But she had become "very jealous" about him getting in touch with a workmate.

“She hit me directly in the face with her fist about three or four times. Then I heard that she was getting dressed in the bedroom. I told her that in her condition she would certainly no longer be able to drive. She hit me directly in the face three or four times with her fist. I gave her a slap in the face to bring her down. Then she slowly calmed down and went to sleep. I wanted to get her to lose her boxing license. It was dangerous, and I asked myself: 'What will happen to the next one?'" the man added.

An 82-year-old who reportedly gave a speech at Obenauf and Thomas’ marriage ceremony said, “I knew both of them very well and the death has shocked me. I was a little skeptical [about their marriage] but when I got to know [him], I knew, 'this is [the right] man.' We celebrated in a hotel on Lake Thun and they were both very happy. She is a sensitive soul - this loss will sadden her incredibly. On the outside, she will take what has happened with composure. She] was always very popular with men. It is possible that someone who had been rejected saw how great the relationship between them was and wanted to beat him up out of jealousy."

Obenauf’s homepage describes her as a person who “strives for continuous further training in professional life, which she emphasizes with barista courses and wine seminars.” “Her hobbies include, good food, nice cars, swimming and skiing, among others. Spending enough time with her son Calvin is her top priority and gives her strength and the necessary balance in everyday life,” the page added.

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