Who is Evander Kane's girlfriend Mara Teigen? Ex-wife Anna claims model slept with Sharks star

Kane's soon-to-be ex-wife Anna publicly accused the Los Angeles star player of sleeping with a British model through her Instagram story

                            Who is Evander Kane's girlfriend Mara Teigen? Ex-wife Anna claims model slept with Sharks star
Evander Kane's wife Anna (R) accused her Sharks player estranged husband of cheating on her with model Mara Teigen (Instagram)

San Jose Sharks star Evander Kane will be investigated by the NHL after his soon-to-be ex-wife made startling claims against him. Some of her claims include her estranged husband being a compulsive gambler, accepting bribes to lose games and cheating on her with Los Angeles-based model Mara Teigen. 

As scandalous as this sounds, an incident like this that includes a major sports star is not news. In May this year, Ben Zobrist blew the lid on his wife Julianna Zobrist's affair with their pastor Byron Yawn. Currently, the two of them are gearing up for their divorce trial which will be heard in the court starting August 9 and will go on for a full week. A grand jury has been selected to preside over the case. Yawn could also be asked to testify during the trial. 


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Who is Evander Kane's girlfriend?

Anna Kane accused Evander Kane of compromising the family's finances and leaving her high and dry to a point where she alleged being broke to a point she couldn't buy formula for their baby. NHL is taking Anna's claims seriously and they've said an investigation will be conducted to verify the credibility of these claims. Kane released his own statement saying these claims were being made to destroy her career. Among these claims, Anna also accused Kane of cheating on her. She shared screenshots of messages she sent a model named Mara Teigen who has been compared to Angelina Jolie. Teigen is a British model who is represented by UK-based influencer-marketing agency Digital Icon. 

"So do u feel good about yourself f-cking my husband when I'm at home pregnant and he can't even give me money to buy my daughter formula? Do you feel amazing with him? After he cheated on you do much that you broke up now you can do this to another woman?" Anna wrote in a message. She followed it up with, "Crazy he said how ugly you were and how much surgery you had.. And how you had old rich sugar daddies while you were together?" Anna shared a screenshot of these messages on her stories on Instagram and tagged Teigen on it. 


Anna Kane sent messages to Mara Teigen accusing her of sleeping with Evander Kane (Instagram)

Past lawsuits against Evander Kane 

According to a Daily Mail article, Evander Kane filed for bankruptcy earlier this year despite making $3 million in 2020 and $50 million during the course of his career. He has a seven-year contract with the Sharks which is a $49 million deal. He was sued in 2019 by the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas strip casino for $500,000 gambling debt which piled up during the playoffs. In 2018, he was sued by an ex-girlfriend who said she had to terminate two of her pregnancies forcefully but didn't pay for them despite making a promise. 

The woman who hasn't been identified said she became pregnant thrice and while the first one was mutual, Kane pressured her for the second and third abortion. Kane had promised to compensate her with $3 million for the third abortion while they were still a couple but fell back on his promise. The woman who claimed she dated Kane since 2015 sued him for $6 million - $3 million for the abortion and the additional money for "intentional infliction of emotional distress."

In 2016 Kane was accused by a 21-year-old Rachel Kuechle who said he seriously injured her in his hotel room. Kuechle claimed she met him at a bar after which he invited her to a party in his room where she was attacked and left with cuts that required multiple surgeries. Describing her injuries, she said she suffered "serious emotional trauma" and "serious, permanent and painful personal injuries."