Who is Casey Affleck's girlfriend? Actor goes official on Instagram with Caylee Cowan

'She is MY LOVE, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts,' Affleck said of Cowan in a recent Instagram post

                            Who is Casey Affleck's girlfriend? Actor goes official on Instagram with Caylee Cowan
Casey Affleck confirms romance with actress Caylee Cowan, 23, on social media, calling her 'MY LOVE' (Instagram)

Casey Affleck was pictured in Los Angeles earlier this week on November 23 snogging Caylee Cowan, 23, in Los Angeles. The 46-year-old was dating 'Supergirl' star Floriana Lima for a very long time and the paparazzi photos of him and Cowan came as a surprise as he and Lima never confirmed breaking up with each other. The Oscar-award-winning brother of Ben Affleck went Instagram official with Cowan two days later, calling Cowan "MY LOVE" and commending her for not just showing up to support him for a blood donation drive but also donating some herself despite being unenthusiastic about needles. 

"For the last 12 years, I have played on a baseball team called The Love. When my dudes on the team heard there was a blood shortage and Red Cross was calling for donations, they showed up," the caption of his Instagram post began. "From the Mets organization, pitcher Brian Nichols and his way-more-fun wife, Kate showed up. So did second baseman @mckody and his wife Lauren, who has been to more games than he has," he continued. "First baseman, and all-around real-life superman, @jonhamm_officially was in the house to give his incredible DNA to someone who might need it. [I asked if I could have some of Jon’s blood, and if it would make me better looking, but I was told 'No, and probably not']" he joked before writing words of praise for Cowan. 


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Who is Caylee Cowan?

Affleck's new squish Caylee Cowan is a 23-year-old actress who began her acting career in 2019 making her debut opposite 'Sunrise in Heaven'. She recently starred opposite Nicolas Cage this year in 'Willy's Wonderland'. The fast-rising actress will be seen in a titular role in a movie titled 'Frank and Penelope' which is set to release in 2022. Cowan is far more popular than her Affleck on social media having 553K followers compared to the latter's 31K. Speaking of Cowan in his post, Affleck wrote, "@cayleecowan showed up. She is not on the Love’s active roster, but she is MY Love, and she ALWAYS shows up when it counts…

"However Caylee is usually unenthused about needles, blood, etc, and though she believably feigned nonchalance all the way to the donation location, once on the table with her sleeve rolled up, she was overheard quietly asking a staff member, “Is there a chance I might die?”The answer was no, of course. Donating is not only SAFE but PAINLESS and QUICK," he added. In other news, Affleck was slapped with lawsuits alleging sexual harassment at the beginning of the decade gone by. He addressed them only in 2018 during the #MeToo wave and apologized for his "unprofessional" actions. Read more about it here


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