Who is Askale Davis' husband Dre Davis? Fanbase app boss wooed 'RHOP' star on first date

In an Instagram post, Askale revealed that the couple began dating in 2015, although the earliest picture of the couple dates back to 2012 on her profile

                            Who is Askale Davis' husband Dre Davis? Fanbase app boss wooed 'RHOP' star on first date
'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Askale Davis' husband Dre Davis wooed her on first date (Askale Davis/Instagram)

While the housewives may be the stars of Bravo's hit 'Real Housewives' series, their friends who are brought onto the show as friends of housewives too have a significant role on the show.

Many a time the ladies brought in as friends of housewives have been promoted to full-time housewives (looking at you Sutton Stracke), while some others have managed to become way more popular and fan-favorite cast members of the show (like Kathy Hilton). The upcoming episode of 'Real Housewives of Potomac' will be introducing us to Robyn Dixon's friend Askale Davis. This stunning Ethiopian beauty has already garnered plenty of interest amongst fans who are dying to know more about her. So, if you're curious to know about Askale's marriage and her husband Dre Davis, then read on.


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Who is Askale Davis' husband?

Askale married the love of her life Dre Davis in 2018. One look at Askale's Instagram and it's clear as day that this Ethiopian beauty loves her man and her family to pieces. With several romantic love notes and perfect couple pictures and family portraits peppered across her feed, Dre's presence is very strong on her social media. Dre has recently been appointed as the director of talent and influencer relations of popular content-sharing platform Fanbase. 

In an Instagram post, Dre shared the big news with his followers alongside a caption encouraging everybody to sign up to the Fanbase platform, while explaining more about it. He wrote, "I want to thank Isaac Hayes III @isaachayes3 for bringing me onboard his company Fanbase. I’m excited about my new position and encourage everyone to sign up on the Fanbase app. You can find it on the Apple Store and it’s free. Android users will have access to the app very soon." "Fanbase is a new subscription-based social network that is helping users monetize their content and earn revenue while also increasing authentic user engagement. Users can grow their following organically with the ability to follow each other for free on the platform, with the option to pay for a subscription to exclusive content at an increased rate, helping users monetize their followings unlike on other platforms," he added.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Dre is also the owner of Blue Alley Touring and a partner at Supergiant Records. In an interview with Essence he shared, "I’m excited to be joining the Fanbase team and dive into the incredible work we’re starting this year. Disparities in the social media landscape are nothing new but my hope is through Fanbase we innovate new ways that reverse the systemic problems many of these young creators, especially Black creators, face every day with monetization. With the support already coming in from big names across industries like Snoop Dogg and Charlamagne Tha God we really are on the precipice of some important and impactful work ahead.”

How did Askale Davis and Dre Davis meet?

In an Instagram post, Askale revealed that the couple began dating in 2015, although the earliest picture of the couple dates back to 2012 on her profile. So, it looks like they knew each other for quite a while before they began dating. Askale revealed a few details about her first date with Dre in a beautiful post on the occasion of their sixth anniversary of their first date. She wrote, "03.05.15 Dre & I’s dating anniversary 🥰 I can’t believe it’s been six whole years since Dre & I started dating. I still remember the picture on the left like it was yesterday. Dre had a few days off in between his tour dates so he flew in to take me out. We ended up missing our restaurant reservations so we decided to hit up a local late night restaurant for dinner. I remember being so excited and nervous at the same time. I mean I knew we meshed well as friends but how would we be as lovers? Well based on the second picture, I guess we ended up meshing very well. 😝"


Dre has two children from a previous relationship, and two children with Askale, The couple managed to blend their families really well and seem to share a great relationship with each other. On the occasion of National Son Day and National Daughter Day, Askale penned down a touching note about her relationship with her 'bonus babies'. "I was always the type of woman who said “I’m never going to date a man w/ kids.” Not only was that ingrained in my head, but it was also made very clear how frowned upon that was within my own family & culture. I remember being in the beginning stages of Dre & I dating & thinking to myself “if this goes any further, how am I going to explain this to my parents & family & what will everyone think?” The anxiety that came along with the potential judgment from my family & community killed me. I remember bringing it up to someone very close to me & their response being “don’t you want to experience all of your big milestones such as your wedding day & childbirth for the first time with your lifelong partner?”


"I’d be lying if I said that comment didn’t crush me. Until one day, God spoke to me & said follow your heart b/c what you see as a non-negotiable or roadblock may actually be a unexpected blessing. That message instantly transformed my mindset & outlook. From that day on, I made a conscious decision to lean all the way into the relationship & keep an open mind when it came to our children. That decision was one of the best things I could’ve done. Since my very first encounter with my bonus babies, Bleu & River they have been a true blessing to my life. They’ve been such a source of unconditional love & light & I’m so thankful that God chose me to be a receiver of all that they have to offer. I truly can’t express how blessed I feel to have them in my life. Not only in my life but my entire family has embraced them as well. My parents, brother, cousins, we’re all just one big happy blended family. I owe this in part to their biological mother & Dre who did an amazing job of instilling core values into them prior to my arrival & for moving forward so maturely (no baby mama drama here 🤣). Moral of the story, don’t block your blessing b/c you’re too worried about what others may think. ❣️." she concluded.

We can't wait to see Askale and hopefully get a peek at her family on 'RHOP'.

'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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