Who are Elijah DeWitt's parents? Slain Georgia football star's father says killers are 'forgiven from me'

Who are Elijah DeWitt's parents? Slain Georgia football star's father says killers are 'forgiven from me'
Elijah DeWitt with mother Dawn DeWitt, sister Delaney DeWitt and father Craig DeWitt (11 News video screengrab)

Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers' discretion advised

JEFFERSON, GEORGIA: High school football player Elijah Dewitt was shot and killed in a "senseless" murder. The heartbroken family of the 18-year-old described him as a gentle giant and the most down-to-earth guy. Elijah DeWitt was gunned down on Wednesday night of October 5, 50 feet outside the Dave & Buster's at the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville.

Elijah's heartbroken mother, Dawn DeWitt, said "Elijah was the kindest soul." The Jefferson High School footballer's ultimate dream was to play college football. "He really just encompassed that dream and nothing seemed to ever stand in his way," Dawn said. Dawn was proud to be Elijah's mother for 18 years and says it's hard to wrap her head around the fact of why anyone would want to kill him. Elijah made his mark, and his impact on the entire community, now mourning the enthusiastic teen's death.


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(11 News video screengrab)
Elijah Dewitt was shot and killed on his father's birthday (11 News video screengrab)

Police arrested two suspects on Thursday, 19-year-old Chandler Richardson and 18-year-old Kemare Brown. On Friday, a judge denied bond for both suspects. The beloved teen's death came on his father's birthday. Craig DeWitt said he forgives the shooters who killed his young son, Elijah DeWitt. “You know, we don’t know the kids. We don’t know their backgrounds. We don’t know their story. They’re forgiven from me,” said the grieving father. “He was an amazing kid. He looked at every day as a gift, and he lived life definitely to the fullest."


Dawn said, "He was so full of life and love and he was courageous," she said. "It really was a privilege to be a part of the journey and I really wish I could just have it back." The courageous family has already donated some of Elijah’s organs to others, including his eyes and heart valves, reports Atlanta News First. Elijah's sister Delaney said, she will miss her brother's and knows he will always be with her. “Whenever I get into, either it’s a game, grades, school. Anything I’m doing - whether it’s social- I know he’s going to be in the back of my brain being like, ‘You got it, I know you got it,'” said Delaney.


A GoFundMe has been set up by Elijah's family that reads, 'In Loving Memory of Elijah DeWitt' and all proceeds will go in support of the family Craig, Dawn, Delaney. On Sunday, a vigil was held to honor Elijah DeWitt's memory at the small Jackson County community of Jefferson prepare for his funeral this week. Hundreds of people came in honor of the late teen with lit candles, they cried, and they remembered him in a quiet Jefferson cul-de-sac. “We feel a very, very, very big, lonely void," Elijah's mother Dawn said. "We loved our son beyond measures, and our hearts are broken."

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