Who are LaVonne and Ephraim? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Michelle Young's parents before Matt James visits them

Who are LaVonne and Ephraim? Meet 'The Bachelor' star Michelle Young's parents before Matt James visits them
Michelle Young and Matt James in 'The Bachelor' (ABC)

Michelle Young from Minnesota came into 'The Bachelor' competition much later along with four other girls, however, she was the only one who was successful to make a lasting impact on Matt James. That's the reason why the other four contestants Kim Li, Ryan Claytor, Catalina Morales and Brittany Galvin were eliminated from the competition by Matt in a matter of weeks but Michelle, as everyone saw during last week's episode, positioned herself in the Top 4. 

Michelle and Matt struck a connection right from night one. He was enamored by the sheer radiance and charm she exuded as 27-year-old Michelle walked out of the limo in a sexy black number and walked up to him. They held hands and Matt couldn't take his eyes off her while they spoke briefly before she headed inside the mansion to seal her place in the competition as someone to watch out for because she had managed to catch the fancy of the Bachelor quite evidently.


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Michelle was invited by Matt for a one-on-one date just a week after her arrival and the two shared a passionate kiss after confessing their attraction towards each other in a hot air balloon. The rest of the women watching them with the help of binoculars couldn't envy the newbie enough and that kiss was very telling of how they felt towards each other — a couple of women who were in the competition since day one hadn't shared yet what they saw the two share.

It has been weeks since then and most of the women have already been sent packing by Matt citing various reasons, except for Kit Keenan, who like the "hero" she is, eliminated herself. The next episode will see Matt and the top four women head to their hometowns and before Matt makes a pitstop in Minnesota to meet Michelle's parents, here are a few details about them. 

Who are Michelle Young's parents?

LaVonne and Ephraim Young live in St Louis Park, Minnesota. Michelle was an extremely private person before she came on the show. Her Instagram feed has no more than nine pictures. Apart from their names, no other information about Michelle's parents is out. The same goes for her sisters Alex Young and Angela Young. 


Apart from meeting Michelle's parents, it would be interesting if the show could cover Michelle's job. She has been working as a fifth-grade teacher in Normandale Hills Elementary School since 2016. Catch new episodes of 'The Bachelor' on Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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