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Who are Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri? ‘Dated and Related’ siblings are more like best friends

Set to find genuine love in the series, Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri are ready to leave their comfort zones behind
Ceylan Taneri (L) and Alara Taneri (R) are ready to leave their comfort zone behind in reality series (@ceylantaneri/Instagram)
Ceylan Taneri (L) and Alara Taneri (R) are ready to leave their comfort zone behind in reality series (@ceylantaneri/Instagram)

PARIS, FRANCE: Always loved by global audiences for the mind-blowing palette of diverse content in the reality genre, Netflix’s newest offering is an innovative and fresh dating reality series named ‘Dated and Related’. In this series, there are going to be sixteen pairs of real-life sibling duos who embark on their quest to find true love together. It is going to be a potpourri of emotions, drama, blooming love stories, relationships at stake, heated arguments, controversies, and so on. The series drops on September 2, 2022.

Talking about the contestants this time in the reality series, one of the most intriguing ones is Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri. The sibling pairings and others have to start their adventurous journey of finding their real true love in the show together. They’d have to leave their comfort zones and give a shot at dating along with probably finding someone to love irrevocably. But here comes the biggest tongue twister. These siblings have to do it in front of each other leaving all their inhibitions behind. They all will be seen living in a luxurious and extravagant mansion in the South of France for the next few weeks. Where there are siblings, there are bound to be drama, confrontations, emotional backstories, love angles, arguments, and controversies. This is going to be seen in series by audiences who would also witness how finding true love with your sibling is not an easy cake. Before the series premiere, we take a look at who are Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri.

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Who are Ceylan Taneri and Alara Taneri?

Ceylan Taneri is a 25-year-old professional footballer. He hails from Cyprus in the UK. Based on his Instagram we can say that he is an avid fitness lover. He indulges in skipping to keep himself fit. This trait of him skipping ropes with his younger sister Alara Taneri can be seen in his story highlights. Ceylan and Alara have a very close and tight-knit bond with each other. Even though the duo is siblings, they are more like each other's best friends. There are no secrets between them. While Ceylan gets a lot of female attention, he’s anything but a player. He has recently recovered from a massive heartbreak. In this series, he aims to find a humble girl he can shower with unconditional love and take home to his family.

Ceylan has only 2K followers on his Instagram handle. Even though this number is not huge, after the series, there’s bound to be a huge spurt in his followers.


Alara is a whirlwind of energy and emotion. She has been a late bloomer in the world of dating and sex. She has guys falling for her charm every time. Though she’s had her own share of dating disasters, she’s still holding out hope for that very special someone which she is trying to find through this series.

Alara has great fashion sense. Fans who might be scrolling through her page might find tons of photos of Alara dressed in some pretty quirky outfits. Her Instagram account has almost 16.1K followers. Alara’s Instagram consists of full-body photos and selfies. She also posts photos and videos on her Instagram story when she goes on vacation.


After looking through her Instagram page, it seems that Alara is also a professional fashion designer. Her Instagram bio clearly mentions, “Fashion designer.” Now it makes sense why she has such a good sense of style.

She also has a fashion designing page by name of @byalarataneri on Instagram. That page has only 108 followers.