Biden's $139K WH Christmas tree lighting slammed as average Americans face inflation

White House's Christmas tree lighting ceremony is going to cost thousands of taxpayer dollars as America struggles with 6.2% inflation

                            Biden's $139K WH Christmas tree lighting slammed as average Americans face inflation
White House's Christmas tree lighting ceremony will cost $139,000 and the event will be an additional $171,000 spent from the taxpayers fund (Samuel Corum/Tatos Katopodis/Getty Images)

The holiday festivities at the White House are going to cost a bomb and the federal government appears to be making all arrangements necessary to make the event as grand as possible. The Christmas tree lighting ceremony is going to cost $139K along with an added cost of $171,000 for the event which will include a live audience. Patti LaBelle, Billy Porter, Chris Stapleton, and others have been roped in as performers for the event, and the entire event is going to be funded with taxpayer dollars. The White House is facing pushback for putting as big of a price tag on the event as the average American struggles with 6.2% inflation resulting in towering prices of goods and services. 

The lighting is cheaper than the $160,000 paid by Donald Trump's administration in 2020. Last year's ceremony was a virtual one and the government is doing everything to ensure that this year's event which marks its return to normalcy is impressive. Many people have taken to the Internet to express their fury over this extravagant spending as the country reels from inflation which is at the highest it's been since 1990. People have questioned the need to shell an amount as big as this as Biden and the White House tried to underplay the effects of inflation in the past couple of months. 


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A magnanimous celebration at the White House and the huge price tag attached to it didn't settle well with certain people. "Time to fix the stolen election or we’re done," wrote one. "That money could go to Nancy Pelosi's homeless people in California. White House doesn't need a christmas. Let's just skip it like Halloween. Save the children Joe Biden. You married a teacher. Save your babies," noted another. A third tweeted, "Only with Biden as President, has America ever seen the stock market crash on the busiest retail sales day of the year, while the VP was Christmas shopping in France!" referring to the market crash on Black Friday.

"Biden is putting the ‘Christ’ back in Christmas!!!" quipped another. "What the heck is wrong with President Biden. $139,000 for Christmas lighting ceremony. Heck invite me and I will flip the switch for nothing. I am not sure the Democrats for ordinary people anymore with this kind of BS. They are going to be wiped off the map at the next election," wrote another. 







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