'Where Your Heart Belongs': 5 things you need to know about Jen Lillye

Jen Lillye will be seen falling in love again with her ex-boyfriend

                            'Where Your Heart Belongs': 5 things you need to know about Jen Lillye
A still from 'Where You Heart Belongs' (Hallmark)

Hallmark Channel has brought another rom-com to make your holiday season a special one! Like every festival, the channel makes effort to make your holiday season from Christmas to new year more enjoyable with memorable content.

'Where Your Heart Belongs' shows a glimpse of the programming event and former lovers falling in love with each other again. Mackenize (Jen Lillye) is a marketing executive who plans to visit her best friend's hometown for her wedding. She gets excited about helping her best friend with the wedding, but she also wonders how she will face her ex-boyfriend Dylan. Surprisingly the bride-to-be hires Mackenize's ex-boyfriend to help with the wedding arrangements. The movie will be airing on January 2, 2022  Apart from this, you can also watch Hallmark Christmas movies like, 'Christmas Promise' and 'Christmas In My Heart.'


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Jen Lilley 

Jen Lilley will be seen playing the role of Mackenize Sullivan. The actress is very popular in the entertainment world. Apart from having good acting skills, she is also a singer, songwriter, podcaster and philanthropist professionally. The actress is recognized for her various works including one of the most popular daytime series 'Days Of Our Lives' and an Academy award-winning movie titled 'The Artist.' She has also marked her appearance in various other movies like, 'Disaster Date', 'General Hospital', 'Youthful Daze' and several other Hallmark movies. As a professional philanthropist, she also has her podcast including 'Fostering Hope With Jen Lilley.' 


Christopher Russell

Christopher Russell plays the role of Mackenize's ex-boyfriend, Dylan. The actor was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and is very much famous for his works including 'Star Trek: Discovery', 'Day of the Dead', 'Land Of The Dead', and 'Supernatural.' The actor has also marked his appearance in 'UnREAL', 'Jack Ryan' and 'Beauty and the Beast.' Christopher Russell was a first-generation Canadian born to British parents. He married his long-time girlfriend, whose identity has not been revealed yet. The actor is a father of two children, a daughter and a son.


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