Where was ‘Survivor’ Season 43 filmed? Stranded contestants fought for survival on this island

Where was ‘Survivor’ Season 43 filmed? Stranded contestants fought for survival on this island
‘Survivor’ Season 43 host Jeff Probst (Instagram/jeffprobst)

‘Survivor’ Season 43 is geared up to bring more ultimatums, disputes, and eliminations. In this season, besides being physically prepared, contestants will also need mental stability and strength to survive till the end. The host of ‘Survivor’, Jeff Probst will be there throughout to guide the contestants on the right path. The lone survivor who manages to jump all hurdles and reach the end will win the show.

CBS recently released the list of participants for the new season of the reality show. Fans are about to see 18 new faces giving cutthroat completion to each other. They are split into three tribes - Baka, Coco, and Vesi, with six contestants in each. They will be challenged with hunger and extreme physical struggles. It’s to be seen which tribe survives till the end.


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Where was ‘Survivor’ Season 43 filmed?

‘Survivor’ Season 43 started its production in May 2022. Similar to the previous two seasons, this season too will only be 26 days long due to Covid restrictions that were followed during filming. The season was filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. The contestants will once again be seen struggling for survival as they are stranded on the Island. The cast members of different ages and backgrounds will have to play the game not as individuals but as a society to survive till the end. But, at the same time, they will have to strategize their individual games.

Probst recently revealed that a couple of things from Season 41 and 42 won’t be back this season. ‘Change History’ and ‘Do or Die’ twists didn’t get good feedback from the fans and have been scrapped in favor of new challenges. Probst explained that the contestants will be on the 26-day challenge with ‘no food, very few supplies, and penalties for losing the small tribe’. This time, the show will demand manipulations, emotional breakdowns, physical strength, and mental peace.


‘Survivor’ Season 43 is scheduled to release on September 21 at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS. You can tune in to Paramount Plus and Hulu to catch up on previous seasons of the show.

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