‘Survivor’ Season 43 on CBS: Meet the show contestants who will be fighting for title of 'sole survivor'

‘Survivor’ Season 43 on CBS: Meet the show contestants who will be fighting for title of 'sole survivor'
The cast of 'Survivor' Season 43 (@survivorcbs/Instagram)

CBS' reality competition show 'Survivor' Season 43 is all set to air soon. The new season will bring new faces, new excitement, and new hurdles. However, what remains the same is the prize money for the "sole survivor."

Who will survive till the end of 'Survivor' Season 43? Only time will let us know the answer. Well, all we know is that CBS is once again bringing a set of mentally and physically strong candidates. The only old face is of Jeff Probst, also seen latest season, who will continue to host.


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Meet the stars of 'Survivor' Season 43. The new season will consist of 18 new faces.

1. Cassidy Clark

Cassidy Clark, 26, is a designer who lives in Texas. She describes herself as groovy, charismatic, and creative. Clark claims to have a fighting spirit and high perseverance. If that claim is true, she will be surviving a lot longer in the show.


2. Cody Assenmacher

Cody Assenmacher, 35, is an Iowa native and resides in Hawaii. He works in Elevator Sales and is a family person. He admires Malcolm, the previous player on the show, and hopes to survive using the same skill as Malcolm.


3. Dwight Moore

Dwight Moore, 22, is a California native living in Tennessee. Moore is a graduate student and had a whole career as a journalist before he entered college. Moore thinks he can be the "sole survivor" not only because of his intellect but also because of his passion.

4. Elisabeth "Elie" Scott

Elisabeth Scott, 33, lives in Utah and is a Clinical Psychologist. She possesses the natural ability to lead a group. At the same time, Scott is creative and artsy, and knows how to play a social and strategic game.

5. Geo Bustamante

Geo Bustamante, 36, lives in Hawaii and is a Project Manager by profession. He describes himself as an adapter, hard worker, and resilient. He thinks he will get the "sole survivor" trophy because he has already survived in his life and it's been an easy one for him. 

6. James Jones

James Jones, 37, lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and works as an Event Planner. Jones is confident, casual, and self-aware. He has won the largest chess tournament in the US, United States Chess Open, at the age of 12. Jones' comfort in chaos attitude might make him a champion in 'Survivor' Season 43 as well.

7. Jeanine Zheng

Jeanine Zheng, 24, lives in California and works as a UX Designer. People are often confused thinking she is an extrovert, but she claims to have an introverted personality who needs some time alone to recharge herself. Zheng thinks that her interpersonal skills could help her get the "sole survivor" trophy.

8. Jesse Lopez

Jesse Lopez, 30, holds a degree in PhD. California native loves playing with his children and considers his wife as his role model. Lopez is ambitious and unbreakable and does not believe in quitting.


9. Justine Brennan

Justine Brennan, 29, lives in California and works in Cyber Security Sales. Brennan loves cooking, painting, and golfing. Many might mistake thinking she is a soft girl, but Brennan is a power package who could easily lock you down to the ground.

10. Karla Cruz Godoy

Karla Cruz Godoy, 28, is a California native and works as an Education Project Manager. Godoy is competitive in nature and an overachiever. And, the cherry on top is that she is physically as well as mentally strong.


11. Lindsay Carmine

Lindsay Carmine, 42, is Pediatric Nurse and lives in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Carmine is relentless, social, compassionate, and often comes across as non-threatening. She believes that these qualities will make her win the show.

12. Mike "Gabler" Gabler

Mike Gabler, 52, lives in Idaho and is a Heart Valve Specialist. He is energetic, intense, and fun. Gabler loves doing outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and more. His experience from his difficult life will come into use in the show.


13. Morriah Young

Morriah Young, 28, lives in Philadelphia and is a teacher by profession. She loves creating content and is full of life. Young thinks that her carefree and lively attitude will help her make many friends on the show. And, if luck works she might even win.


14. Nneka Ejere

Nneka Ejere, 43, is a Texas native and a pharmacist. She is joyful, hardworking, and trustworthy. Well, that does not mean that she is not physically tough.

15. Noelle Lambert

Noelle Lamber, 25, is US Paralympian. Lambert never lets her amputated leg define her personality. She is outgoing and determined. At the same time, she has the ability to form friends without any hustle.


16. Owen Knight

Owen Knight, 30, lives in Los Angeles and is a College Admissions Director. He is outgoing and loves fitness. Knight always looks for adventurous opportunities in his life. Well, that made him land in 'Survivor'.


17. Ryan Medrano

Ryan Medrano, 25, lives in Texas and is a Warehouse Associate. Medrano has a great sense of humor. Moreover, he loves facing challenges and is always up for any kind of hustle in life. He socializes easily, solves puzzles in seconds, and even has strong arms.


18. Sami Layadi

Sami Layadi, 19, lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a pet cremator who loves journaling, sports, and fitness. Layadi comes from a diverse background as his father immigrated from Morocco. Layadi believes that people easily get pleased by him, and that is something that will help him survive in the show.


'Survivor' Season 43 is set to premiere on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 8 pm ET/PT on CBS. Those who don't have a cable connection can look out for options like Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream.

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