'Survivor' 41 Finale: Ricard Foye not in Top 4, fans call gay dad 'the real winner'

'Survivor' 41 Finale: Ricard Foye not in Top 4, fans call gay dad 'the real winner'
Ricard Foye in 'Survivor' 41 (CBS)

The finale of ‘Survivor’ Season 41 has started and it has already given us a lot to think about. The first half an hour of the finale saw all the five finalists going up against each other for immunity. The finalists for the ongoing season include Deshawn, Erika, Heather, Xander, and Ricard.

Initially, all five finalists were told to find a package that will give them an advantage and it was Erika who was able to find that package. A few moments later, all five finalists met Jeff Probst and were ready for the immunity task. The person who gets the immunity is safe from the elimination and will automatically get into the Top 4.


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The immunity task saw everyone making ladders from different kinds of ropes and they need to reach the platform to fix the puzzle. The first one to do it will win the immunity. The advantage Erika got was that the first four threads of her first ladder were already made and she was already ahead of everyone else. Erika took the advantage of that situation and managed to win the task. She got the immunity and also received a lunch date with someone from the final five.

So, it was Deshawn, Heather, Xander, and Ricard at the Tribal Council. Ricard and Deshawn were on the radar, making things really intense for every other competitor. Deshawn and Ricard voted against each other, so it’s on others to choose who goes out and doesn’t make it to the Top 4. Xander pulled out the idol but doesn’t use it.

During the final voting, it was revealed that Ricard was the 14th person to get eliminated from the game. As soon as he was eliminated, social media was lit up with a lot of reactions as they wanted Ricard to win the game. During the elimination, Ricard also revealed that he and his partner might have already welcomed a baby boy and he chose to be in ‘Survivor’ and miss such an important moment in his life.

One of the users said, “@RicardFoye you are one of the Survivor greats and we cannot wait to see you back!” Another user said, “@RicardFoye whatever happens in this vote, you're a bloody legend. You've been awesome this season.”





Another user noted, “Ricard Foye, one day your son will watch your season and he will be just so proud of you! That is more than winning the million.” Meanwhile, one of the fans of the show tweeted, “Ricard. #Survivor, you’re officially a survivor great and you get to see your baby.”





“Ricard was the real winner in my book. He really made the LGBTQ+ mafia proud. I love you Ricard!!!!” another user stated.



Now, it’s Deshawn, Xander, Erika, and Heather in the final 4 and one more elimination would be done before the winner will be crowned.

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