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Where to watch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 9? Here's how you can catch up on the HGTV show

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler debate an important issue and face a tense situation while renovating their family home, so what happens in the next episode?
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler in Season 3 Episode 8 of 'Renovation Island' (HGTV)
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler in Season 3 Episode 8 of 'Renovation Island' (HGTV)

Spoilers for 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: The Baeumler couple seemed to face a little spat in Episode 8, 'Upwardly Mobile' as Sarah Baeumler seemed to have made specific design changes from which she left her husband, Bryan Baeumler, in the dark. The two also debated a crucial issue regarding their property in the Bahamas.

Sarah and Bryan, the owners of the luxury resort - Caerula Mar Club in the Bahamas, which they converted to its glory from its past rundown state, are in the midst of deciding whether to sell or keep. There is also a chance that the couple might bring in a partner to handle the business with them. After such an eventful episode, fans are now curious about the couple's final decision about the resort. Read on more to find out the details of the episode.

What time will ‘Renovation Island’ Season 3 Episode 9 ‘Clear Skies’ be out on HGTV?

Do Bryan and Sarah Baeumler still own Caerula Mar Club Resort? 'Renovation Island' stars toy with the idea of selling it


When will 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 9 air?

You can catch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 9 on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 9/8c on HGTV.

Where to watch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 9?

You can catch the new episode of 'Renovation Island' Season 3 on HGTV and stream the season on the Discovery+ app. Viewers can subscribe to the app to stream the episodes a day in advance. Other than these options, the new season is available to stream on the HGTV Go app. Fans can also access the episodes using other streaming services such as Philo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Vidgo, AT&T TV, and fuboTV.

What to expect from 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 9?

In the previous episode, viewers saw some intriguing moments between the Baeumler husband and wife. While working on their family house in Florida, the two stumbled upon a few disagreements regarding the kitchen counter. Sarah made changes in the design without consulting the opinion of her husband Bryan, to which Bryan noted it out loud. He told her to include him when she decides upon such changes and pointedly asked if it was an "oversight" on her part. He continued stating she should "stare at it and think at what she had done" The two even had a tense moment when there was a slight disagreement about whether designing takes longer or installation.

Later, the couple debated about their Bahamas resort, and Bryan described it as a "fledgling." saying they should discuss getting a new partner or selling it off. This storyline will continue into the next episode, titled 'Clear Skies', where the couple will make an important decision regarding the hotel. Bryan will also have difficulty understanding their pool bathroom's design visuals.

So will the Baeumlers sell their resort, or will a new partner be involved in the business? We'll only know when the next episode is out to watch.


'Renovation Island' airs every Sunday at 9/8c on HGTV, and is available for streaming on Discovery+ and HGTV Go app.