How to watch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8 on HGTV?

How to watch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8 on HGTV?
'Renovation Island' stars Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: 'Renovation Island' Season 3 this time, revolves more around the Baeumler family, who is trying to juggle two things at once. One of them is their ongoing Florida home renovation process. Other is successfully managing their resort in the Bahamas. While the process of juggling two things simultaneously at once is not an easy job, this couple is going to the extent of trying all possible ways to make it work.

Ardent fans who watch the new episodes of 'Renovation Island' every weekend, always know that they are in for lots of over-the-top drama alongside a stunning palette of breath-taking interior designs. We also saw lots of emotional backstories happening in the lives of Sarah and Bryan Baeumler throughout the series. This mix of interior designs and emotional drama keeps entertaining viewers who want to know what more dramatic high points are awaiting them in the upcoming episodes.


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How to watch 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8 on HGTV?

'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8 would drop on screens on September 25, 2022, Sunday at 9/8C on HGTV.

Fans who have cut the cable cord a long time back, can also watch the all-new episode through prominent streaming platforms like HGTV Go app, Philo, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Vidgo, AT&T TV, and Fubo TV.

Aside from watching the episode on HGTV, audiences can also watch the episodes on the Discovery+ app. The app is available on both Google Playstore and the Apple app store for both Android and Apple users. Episodes are available to stream a day in advance for people, who have been subscribed to the app already.

In the episode aired on September 18, 2022, we saw that the entire Baeumlers clan went on a quick trip to the Bahamas to check on their resort. They also made sure that their work is happening smoothly without any glitches.

We also witnessed how back at their home in Florida, the house renovation work is also happening smoothly. There, the entire team of workers are engrossed in working swiftly so that the kids bedrooms can be finished first.

If this much on their plate was not enough, then audiences see how a slight accidental mix-up in the hangar renovation creates a lot more stress for the Baeumler's living arrangements.

What to expect from 'Renovation Island' Season 3 Episode 8?

According to the official written preview of the episode on the HGTV website, we would see that the Baeumler family's home renovation in Florida, is seen happening at a good pace since the work officially started. Their daughter's rooms are the first ones to be redone by the team of interior designers.

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