Where is Felicia Johnson? Houston woman's bloody phone turns up after disappearance

Where is Felicia Johnson? Houston woman's bloody phone turns up after disappearance
Johnson was allegedly offered a ride by an unidentified customer after her Uber was late the day she vanished (Central Texas Crime/Facebook)

The family of a 24-year-old Houston woman, Felicia Marie Johnson, has issued a public plea for information after she went missing last week in Houston. She was last seen on April 15 when she stopped into the Cover Girls Night Club to look for work. Community activist Quanell X has claimed that Johnson was offered a ride by an unidentified customer after her Uber was late. No one has since heard from Johnson.

Uber was taking too long to really get here, so a gentleman here at the club offered to give her a ride to where she needed to go,” Quanell X reportedly said. “Felicia has not been seen since. No cell phone activity. No credit card activity. No social media activity. She has absolutely just vanished off the face of the earth.”


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Meanwhile, Kevin, Johnson's father, flew from California to Houston to appear with X. A private investigator the family hired has reportedly found her blood-covered phone. While Houston police said they are actively investigating the case, nonprofit search-and-rescue group Texas EquuSearch has also joined in to search for Johnson. 

X demanded that the Houston police department put enough resources into finding Johnson, who is Black. “HPD is finally taking the case serious now,” X told The Daily Beast. “Texas EquuSearch is on the ground also trying to follow every lead, trying to find a body or something that belongs to her. And the FBI has gotten involved as of today. So things are happening.” The identity of the person who offered a ride to Johnson is unknown, X said.


Talking about Johnson's disappearance, X said that it is part of “an epidemic in Houston, with Black girls going missing and coming up murdered.” “This is the fifth Black girl to come up missing, quote-unquote, ‘involved in the sex industry,’” he said. “The previous four were all found murdered—and this is all in the past five months.”

At a presser on Wednesday, April 20, X said he wanted Johnson to “know the community is looking for you,” and that he and the others are “turning over every stone. We’ll leave no door unlocked or unopened until we find where you are.” Kevin also directly spoke to his daughter, saying, "It’s a tragedy that you have been caught up in this net of whatever they got going on out here, but we’re working very, very hard to get you back and I love you. Everybody in the family loves you and I just want you to know, stay strong and we’re coming for you.”

Johnson has been described as having long black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion. She can also be identified by a butterfly and a pair of roses tattooed on her right shoulder. Anyone with information about Johnson's whereabouts has been asked to call the Houston Police Department at (713) 884-3131, the Houston Police Missing Persons Division at (832) 394-1840, or Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.

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