Where is Crystal Rogers? FBI searches Kentucky farm of missing woman's boyfriend who last saw her in 2015

Where is Crystal Rogers? FBI searches Kentucky farm of missing woman's boyfriend who last saw her in 2015
The FBI is investigating the disappearance of Crystal Rogers (R) (Youtube screenshot/WDRB News)

BARDSTOWN, KENTUCKY: The search for Crystal Rogers, a woman who mysteriously went missing over seven years ago, is once again underway as the FBI arrived at the farm of the prime suspect as part of their investigation. Reports reveal that the search warrant was executed on the morning of October 17, 2022. The farm belongs to Brooks Houck, the man Rogers was reportedly in a relationship with at the time of her disappearance in July 2015. 

WDRB News reported that several agents of the Bureau arrived at the farm located on Paschal Ballard Lane in Nelson County, with several vehicles of both Bardstown Police and the FBI parked around the premises. The outlet also revealed that while media personnel were allowed entry farther into the property in the morning, they were asked to stay closer to the road later in the day. 


Is Crystal Rogers dead? FBI conducts searches in Bardstown in 2015 disappearance case

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After Rogers disappeared more than seven years ago, her car was found on the Bluegrass Parkway. Surprisingly, it contained all her personal belongings - including her purse, phone and keys. Notably, her boyfriend at the time, Houck, was the last person to see her alive. He was also the father of her youngest son. The outlet also reports that Rogers often took their son to the same farm, where they would roast marshmallows and hotdogs. 

The FBI has set up a remote search base and has been scouring the property in large all-terrain vehicles. This comes after the FBI spent a week in a Bardstown neighborhood in the summer of 2021, investigating Rogers' disappearance. Back then, they reportedly uncovered several items of interest found under the driveway of a home that had been constructed by Houck's company. This time, the authorities seem to have decided to investigate the very property of their prime suspect in the case. 

Sherry Ballard, Rogers' mother, spoke to the outlet, revealing that she was not aware of the search conducted by the officials and only learned of it when it was already underway. The hopeful mother added that she was "trying not to get too excited about it" simply because she does not want to feel the "letdown" if nothing substantial is discovered. She however added that this was "such a big day" for them. 

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